What brand of data cable has the best quality (except the original one)?

The data cable is used very frequently. Compared with the mobile phone, it doesn't have much money. Many of my colleagues and friends around me, including myself, will prepare multiple data cables in case of emergency. Usually, there is one in the company, one at home, and one outside power bank.

The data cables of major mobile phone manufacturers are OEM outsourcing, so there is really no need to insist on buying the original line. The quality of many big brands is even better than that of the original line. Combined with the actual use experience of my colleagues and friends, I would like to recommend a reliable data cable brand.

  1. Jingdong jingzao, MFI certified Apple data cable, guaranteed quality, no mismatch. The price of ordinary USB to L interface cable is 34.9 yuan, that of PD fast charging type-C to L is 39.9 yuan, and that of 5A USB to C Huawei cable is only 25 yuan (10% discount for 2 activities). It has high cost performance and leads in sales. The colleagues who have bought it all have good evaluation. It is durable and of good quality. The brand of Jingdong is worth recommending;
  1. Netease Zhizao, also certified by Apple MFI, has a discount of 39.9 yuan for ordinary USB to L (35.9% off for 2 items and 33.9% off for 3 items). If it is charged for too long, it will be slightly hot, which is completely acceptable. The cable is very good and durable. Affordable price, take advantage of now can be prepared for two activities, recently buy more absolute cost-effective first! PD fast charge type-C to l 79 yuan 1.2 meters, interface elbow design, suitable for many life scenes, is small expensive;
  1. Momis has also obtained Apple MFI certification, and its brand strength can not be underestimated. Ordinary USB to l 39.0 yuan (activity price 37.9) is of good quality and low price. It has been used very well. The design is reasonable, there is no hot phenomenon, it is not easy to knot and break, the workmanship is fine, and the sense of technology is full. PD fast charge type-C to l 59 yuan design is relatively standard, but the good thing is that the quality is guaranteed. 5A USB to C Huawei cable is also only 25 yuan;
  1. Ugreen / lvlian, the ordinary USB to l 1m is 42.9 yuan (39.9 yuan for occasional activities), leading in sales, friends more than once, with proper elasticity, good workmanship, good hand feel, and the connector hasn't broken after a long time. There are brand logos at the end and end of the line, which can be bought casually with eyes closed. PD fast charge type-C to l 59.9 yuan, quality is also guaranteed, cost performance is relatively high, not as good as Jingdong jingzao. 5A USB to C Huawei cable is also only 19.9 yuan, which can be called the king of cost performance;
  1. Philips, ordinary USB to l 1.2m 69 yuan (59 yuan for occasional activities), this line is the most beautiful I have ever seen! Elbow interface design is very special, not easy to bend, charging speed is fast, suitable for the pursuit of life taste of parents, the only disadvantage is small expensive. PD fast charge type-C to L is 69 yuan, and the quality is guaranteed, but the design is standard and the cost performance is not high. 5A USB to C Huawei cable is also 29 yuan, and its cost performance is not very high;
  1. Xiaomi Zimi, ordinary USB to l 1m, 39 yuan (37 yuan for occasional activities), charging speed is fast, but the details need to be further improved, and the interface location has some glitches. PD fast charge type-C to l 59 yuan (activity price 49 yuan) also feels good, the workmanship is very good, visual can't see the difference with Apple's original factory, it can start fast charge in about three seconds, there is no fever. 5A USB to C Huawei Cable Costs 39 yuan, which is not cost-effective;
  1. Apple original data cable, although it is easy to crack, dirty and knot from Apple data cable. But it's really easy to use, as can be seen from its No.1 sales! Of course, expensive is also really expensive! The original price of ordinary USB to l 1m is as high as 145 yuan (Jingdong 100 minus 20125 yuan), but a lot of people buy it. The original price of Apple's C-L fast charging data cable is as high as 145 yuan (the activity price is 135 yuan. If you add 100 minus 20 activities, you can pay 115 yuan, which is more cost-effective). But remember that you need a qc3.0 charging plug to realize 18W fast charging.

Other data cables without MFI certification may appear in the case of mobile phone mismatch. Although the sales volume is also good, we will not recommend them here.

PS: some data cable manufacturers have printed MFI (made for iPad, iPhone and iPod) logo on their promotional pictures, but they are not MFI certified data cables. Please shine your eyes. The general cost determines that the price of a real MFI data cable should be at least 30 yuan. Don't be greedy for small price and suffer big loss

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