What are the functions of AR smart glasses

AR smart glasses can be applied in industry and daily life, and its biggest value is to provide solutions in industry. Compared with other AR smart glasses, realmax AR smart glasses have accumulated more in industry than other manufacturers. It can play a lot of roles in daily life. The problems of taking photos, video recording, calling and navigation in daily life can be solved by using AR smart glasses; AR smart glasses are most useful in design and industry. Design can help designers change the color of products, change the material of products, modify the shape of products, etc. these problems can be easily realized through  AR smart glasses, and there is no need to carry out tedious modifications on the computer; It can help enterprises save the steps of training new people in industry. As long as new people follow the tips given in AR smart glasses, they can start to work quickly.

For example, some customs and entry-exit departments use glasses with camera function to register entry-exit personnel. The police's law enforcement process is truly recorded from the first perspective to facilitate evidence collection. Doctors can live the operation process and ask experts for remote guidance. Students can help each other in exams and transmit answers in real time, Please ignore the last one automatically. Of course, at this stage, the most suitable application scenarios for these ar smart glasses are more in the industry. For example, Google glasses, which first wanted to cut into daily life, has worked hard for a long time and showed a lot of eyeballs. After that, it is still determined to go in the industrial direction. The largest orders for realmax glasses come from industrial applications, Lenovo glasses... Lenovo glasses can do a blank that sales said a lot, but things have not seen in kind.

Epson and realmax are convenient and mature in industrial application. They are used in industrial design or industrial research. Basically, Epson, realmax and meta glasses can meet the requirements. It integrates the functions of telephone, glasses, mobile phone and computer, and brings a lot of convenience in daily life.

At present, there are good actual cases in industrial application, medical and health, industrial maintenance, safety inspection, etc., but the R & D direction of many large enterprises is that Google glasses has also turned to industrial application this year. At present, there are other enterprises doing research in this field, and realmax has accumulated good experience. In conclusion, AR smart glasses are good for industrial demonstration and industrial auxiliary maintenance, and have a bright future.