We measured 20 data cables to see how Huawei plays apple

I believe many small partners must have more than one data line at home, and some people must complain that some brands' data lines are not durable (I didn't say apple). So the vast majority of people will buy some third-party brand data lines, but there are a wide range of data lines on the market, with prices ranging from 9.9 to hundreds of yuan. What about the quality of these data lines?

Qiuzhenjun came to Shenzhen Consumer Protection Commission's latest data line test report to see how the quality of 20 popular brands of data lines is.

The test report sought by qiuzhenjun is jointly commissioned by Shenzhen consumer committee, Futian District Consumer Committee, Bao'an District Consumer Committee and Guangming district consumer committee to carry out mobile data line comparative test by Shenzhen Quality Consumption Research Institute. Through scientific test data, consumers can be told which brands of data lines have better quality and are worth the money.

The following test results are from Shenzhen Consumer Council

The samples selected in this comparative test are all simulated consumer purchases by staff on major e-commerce platforms, with a total of 20 samples, involving brands including: apple, Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, lvlian, Pinsheng, Anke, Beisi, first guard, Netease yanxuan, guchanggu, Romas, tulas, Locke, Newman, caffeile, Suning Jiwu Amazon times and momies (in no particular order).

Data source Shenzhen consumer committee

Test items: quality, transmission, charging rate and other performance indexes of chemical safety, function and structure, performance and durability.

(weight of total evaluation: 5% of the test of harmful substances; The function was 5%; The structure was examined by 10%; The data transmission rate is 15%; Charging rate 15%; Impedance test 10%; Plug test 10%; Mechanical bending test 20%; The weight of the wire body was tested by 10%; Apple MFI certification check does not take weight only for reference.)

Test standards: carry out evaluation and grade evaluation according to RoHS directive of China and EU, EIA Association standard and UL standard of the United States.

Among the 20 items, Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the people's Republic of China has selected 5 quality leading data lines that meet ROHS directive of China and EU, EIA Association standard and UL standard of the United States:

Safety: the test results of hazardous substances all meet the requirements

The results show that 20 data lines perform well, and the test values of harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDEs and PBDEs and four phthalates are lower than the limit values of RoHS and RoHS in China and the EU.

MFI certification: 2 items fail

Among the 20 products in this comparative test, 8 sample output interfaces are data lines of lightning connector. Please confirm MFI certification for purchasing the third-party Apple charging line by popular science all the time before.

MFI refers to the abbreviation of Apple company made for IOS, and it is an authorized use license mark for apple to the accessory manufacturer. The quality and production process of the components and components of Apple parts certified by MFI have certain requirements. Apple will not guarantee the damaged products caused by the use of the parts that have not passed the certification.

Through inspection of the product outer packaging and instructions, and the MFI certification product database disclosed on Apple official website, it was found that there was no MFI certification mark on the packaging of data line of Pinsheng and ancient Shanggu, and it was not reflected in the database. But in the function check, when Pinsheng and ancient Shanggu data lines connect to Apple mobile phone for charging, there is no phenomenon that the window is not recognized.

It is certain that the familiar Accessory Factory Pinsheng has no MFI certification based on this foundation. Mr. truer revealed that at the end of 2017, Pinsheng had initiated a lawsuit against apple because of the monopoly of MFI certification, which even triggered the participation of the State Administration of industry and Commerce in the investigation. I didn't expect apple to make people first, and told Pinsheng to copy Apple data line patent. As a result, we can imagine that since then, there is no apple certification for Pinsheng accessories

iPhone 12 charger cable

Plug in durability test: can meet 10000 requirements

After 10000 cycles, the connectors of 20 products can be plugged and plugged normally, without obvious changes in appearance, and the durability of charging connectors is good. The plug and pull force of 12 type C wires all meet the standard requirements. The difference of plug force before and after lightning interface test is smaller than that of type C interface.

In type C interface, Huawei data line is the least different plug-in force. The difference between insertion force and pull-out force before and after test is 1.1n and 0.6 n respectively, which is similar to the product data of other lightning interfaces. Mechanical bending test: all pass the limit value requirements, but the difference between the highest and the lowest bending times is 32 times

This experiment is very necessary. You usually see that the data line is damaged at most the joint. The following picture is common. The main reason is that the joint structure design does not do the corresponding protection measures, which leads to the easy to break.

The test conditions are more stringent than international standards, and the bending angle is from ± 90 degrees to ± 180 degrees, not limited to 100 bends, will continue to bend after 100 times until the product function fails.

The tragic moment of data line

iPhone Charger Cable

The first satellite data line has the most bending times, up to 9700 times, followed by Huawei (8900 times) and apple (6500 times). The lowest number of bends is Samsung and Newman, both of which are 300. It is necessary to note that the bending resistance is related to the joint structure and has no direct relationship with whether the outer cover material is woven wire.

iPhone 12 charger cable

Some people must be surprised, usually see Apple damage the most, how can this bend times also so many? Please make a statement that the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Consumer Council keeps pace with the times. The apple line tested is the version of type c-lightning, which is the PD line we usually call, which is sold at 145 yuan on the official website. It is not the line that we buy iPhone as an accessory.

Because the PD line supports the transmission of large current, the wire rod is thicker and the work is better... (the market price is also more expensive)