We have disassembled a PD charger of Apple's recommended brand, which is made of luxurious materials

Charging head network recently got a 45W USB PD charger package from Belkin, an Apple authorized accessory brand, which is suitable for charging most of the light laptops on the market. At the same time, in addition to supporting USB PD fast charging, this product is also compatible with qc2.0 fast charging protocol, and can also realize fast charging for Samsung, Xiaomi and other brand mobile phones. The following charging head network will bring you the internal disassembly of this 45W charger.

1、 Appearance of Belkin 45W USB PD charger

The box continues the previous style of Belkin brand, green and white, with the appearance rendering of charger and usb-c to usb-c cable picture printed on the front.

In addition, the front of the packaging box is also designed with a window, which is convenient to display the product. Its structure is more complex than the common product packaging box, and the cost is higher.

On the back of the box are printed the models used by the chargers, including a number of mobile phones and laptops of apple, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, Google, Nokia, Xiaomi and other brands.

A list of all the products in the box: charger, usb-c to usb-c data cable, instruction manual.

The white usb-c to usb-c charging cable is 1.8 meters in length, which is suitable for laptop power supply with charger.

The 45W charger body of Belkin is wedge-shaped, with silver gray shell. It looks a little metallic. In fact, it is made of PC material + spraying process. It feels soft when holding it in hand. The one in hand is equipped with European standard pins.

The output panel is white, the logo of Belkin brand is in the middle, and the single usb-c port output is below.

Detailed product parameters are printed on the pin side of the charger, using English and Korean standards, product model: f7u010kr, input: 100-240V ~ 1a, 50 / 60Hz, output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a. The product has passed the KC certification and meets the VI level energy efficiency requirements.

The net weight of the charger is about 147.5g.

The output protocol of usb-c interface is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt001. The display supports USB DCP protocol and qc2.0 fast charging protocol.

Continue to test the PDO message of usb-c interface, the display supports 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a, which is consistent with the nominal parameters. The USB PD protocol version is pd2.0, and the maximum output power is 45W.

2、 Disassembly of Belkin 45W USB PD charger

Open the shell from the pin side of the charger, you can see that the red and black wires are welded at the end of the AC pin to supply power to the internal PCBA module.

Open the cover plate on the other side, the secondary part and the primary part are arranged left and right, and the heat sink of the primary part can be seen here.

iPhone 12 charger

The PCBA module is taken out from the charger, the front side adopts a large metal radiator, and the input end adopts a large aluminum electrolytic capacitor filter; The primary and secondary are separated by plastic insulation board.

The input end is equipped with common mode inductor, safety x capacitor, delay fuse and other plug-in components, and a lot of glue injection processing is used between these components.
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From this side, we can clearly see that the usb-c output interface is welded by a small PCB board, which is also called protocol board. However, this protocol board also integrates other secondary circuit parts, including output filter capacitor, protocol chip, synchronous rectifier MOS, VBUS switch, etc.

The input filter adopts an aluminum electrolytic capacitor from Aishi Aihua, with the specification of 400V 68 μ F。

A 5-pin chip is also from Likai technology, model rt9070b. This is a high voltage (70V operation), low quiescent current, low loss, output voltage adjustable linear regulator. Summary of dismantling charging head net

iPhone 12 charger

As an authorized accessory brand of apple, the materials and workmanship of Belkin products have always been ahead of their peers. This 45W USB PD fast charging charger is no exception. It adopts a full set of USB PD fast charging solutions of Likai technology, with high chip integration and reliable performance. At the same time, the internal structure of this product is more complex than the conventional 45W charger, using two PCB design, reasonable use of space.
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In terms of heat dissipation, in addition to using a large number of thermal conductive silica gel for heat conduction and fixation, a large metal heat sink and heat dissipation plate are added to the primary master switch MOS, so that the heat of the power device can be evenly diffused to avoid local overheating during use.