Want to start with the iPhone 12, can you recommend a cheap and good charger?

Since the official launch of iPhone 12 last year and the "environmental protection" no longer provides chargers, manufacturers of charging heads have launched 20W PD fast charging heads compatible with iPhone 12, which are almost dazzling in the market. In order to avoid the unstable quality of charging head when purchasing, today I bring you an experience report of fast charging head - South card 20W PD Mini fast charging head.

From the packaging point of view, the mini charging head of South Carolina does not show the feeling of mini. In addition to the physical picture of the charging head, the remaining space is the main characteristic parameters of the charging head: 20W, pd3.0, triple charging speed and mini figure.


The package is very simple, a charger, a manual, but take out the charger and you will know that the quick charger is mini.

Compared with Apple's original 20W charging head, the size of Nanka Mini charging head is half smaller than the original one, which is basically the same size as the previous "Wufu Yian".

Because there is no small electronic scale at home, so I took the company's electronic balance and weighed it. The weight of the charging head is 42g, less than one or two, which is very suitable for us to carry out daily.

The front of the charging head is printed with the South card logo, the type-C interface has a layer of chrome decoration, and the middle LED light is used for work indication.

It is worth mentioning that many mini quick charging heads on the market are mostly designed with fixed pins. It is easy to scratch articles or bags when they are put out in storage bags or bags. South Card mini charging head uses foldable pins to avoid these situations.


The word PD 20W printed on the side of the charging head body of South card is the maximum charging output power of the charging head. A complete charging protection device is configured at the same time of 20W fast charging, including over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and process protection, so as to ensure that the charging will not damage the machine.

In addition to this power, the South card C1 Mini charger also supports three charging modes: 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a and 12V / 1.67a, so we can not only charge the iPhone and iPad with the charger, but also charge the 5V standard appliances such as Android phones and wireless headphones.

The current detector is used to detect the charging head of South card. Because the wire used by the author is connected to the current detector and the output adopts 1.2m wire, there will be a certain line loss and power consumption. The charging power of South card charging head charging iphone12 reaches 18.12w.

Similarly, the charging power of iPad air 3 can reach 18.98w when the current detector is connected to the charging head.


The charging power of iqoo Z1 Android mobile phone reaches 9.58w, because iqoo Z1 only supports its own fast charging protocol, so the charging head of South card can only output 5V / 2A ordinary charging power to charge iqoo Z1 mobile phone.


With the continuous increase of mobile phone battery capacity, fast charging is now an indispensable mobile phone accessory. Higher power fast charging head will inevitably increase the volume, but the South card C1 Mini charging head still maintains a small size and supports 20W fast charging, which can be described as small size and large energy.

If you are a girl who likes Mini charger, or often carries small bags, then this South card C1 Mini charger can let you out of the street gracefully, and you won't be tired when you go out.