Want to start with the iPhone 12, can you recommend a cheap and good charger?

IPhone 12 supports PD fast charging. Apple's original intention is to protect the environment and support Apple users to use the previous chargers. However, most of the 12 users are buying fast charging chargers through multiple channels.

There are many brands of chargers. In fact, the well-known ones I have used or my friends have used are relatively safe. Besides the original ones, the ones that are basically not bad also include Anke / Bull / lvlian, etc.


Choose MFI certified more reliable.

If I have many electronic devices, the multi hole plug is also a good choice. I used a 4-port one produced by bull before, and a three hole plug, which can plug in 220 v. later, I didn't stop production, so I changed to another one.

There are all the relevant ankles.

This price is several times higher than the original charging head of other Android manufacturers, and even more expensive than the 65W charging head of some Android manufacturers.

What's more, Apple's original charger has no advantage over ordinary ones, and its volume is relatively large. It's almost the same size as the 65W Gan charger of some Android phones. It's cumbersome and inefficient to put it in your pocket.

But the good news is that Apple uses the PD charging protocol, which is a public charging protocol developed by usb-if, and is widely used in mobile phones, laptops, and even power bank.

Because of this, the iPhone 12 will not be able to reach full speed without using the original charger, just like Android phones that use private protocols. So we don't need to buy Apple's original charger, third-party charger has more and better choices.


However, it is worth noting that before charging the iPhone 12, it is necessary to modulate the message of the protocol layer into a 24MHz FSK signal and couple it to VBUS or obtain the FSK signal from VBUS to realize the communication between the mobile phone and the charger (also known as protocol handshake).

Therefore, not all charging heads of usb-c interface support PD protocol, so we need to identify charging heads that support PD protocol to achieve 20W charging speed.

And I suggest you choose a big brand of Gan charging head. This kind of product not only has guaranteed quality, but also is relatively smaller and more convenient to carry.


If you are going to buy the iPhone 12 series, it is also recommended to prepare the charger in advance, because as mentioned above, it is difficult to buy such a charger in a small shop outside, so as not to affect the use.

I'd like to share with you a good charging head, a product of domestic high-quality brand atlas.

As a brand of Lanhe Group Co., Ltd., tulas is a brand focusing on the manufacture of safety charging head. Its products have passed 3C safety inspection and PD certification. It has twice the capacitance of ordinary charging head and six layers of safety protection to avoid short circuit or overcharge of mobile phone.

To ensure efficient and stable colleagues to protect the mobile phone is also very in place, which can make the mobile phone battery healthy and keep high for a long time.

This is a GaN charger with a maximum output power of 20W, consistent with Apple's original 149 yuan charger.

However, its volume is less than half of the original 18W charging head of Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Series. At the same time, it uses arc polishing design, which looks more high-end. When plugging in and out, it won't be scratched by sharp edges and corners like Apple's original charging head.

And although it is so small, its strength can not be underestimated.

This touras ice charger can charge about 60% of the power for the iPhone 12 in 30 minutes, and the iPhone 12 can be fully charged in about an hour, which is four times faster than the original 5v1a charger.

At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent temperature control chip, three-dimensional stacking technology and special shell material. When charging, the temperature is lower than the official Apple charging head of 149 yuan.

In addition, the latest iPad pro (third generation, fourth generation), iPad air (third generation, fourth generation) and ipad Mini (fifth generation) can also keep fast charging at 20W high power for a long time, so as to quickly recharge your device.