Today's popular product recommendation: chuangyingda MFI fast charging line and PD charger

Founded in 2009, Shenzhen chuangyinda Electronics Co., Ltd. has 8000 square meters of modern standard plant and more than 1000 employees. It is a leading professional manufacturer of 3C accessories for mobile phones in China and one of the influential manufacturers in the Chinese market.

Chuangyinda has been focusing on the production of mobile data cable and apple MFI peripheral products, all of which have passed UL or CE testing certification. In order to adapt to market changes and enhance product competitiveness, chuangyingda has set up a new branch in Henglan Town, Zhongshan City: chuangyingwei (Zhongshan City) Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the distribution of PD fast charging adapter and TWS headset market. The following are the main promotion products of chuangyingda.

1、 Usb-a to lightning cable


Ca54-c89 charging line, the shape is a metal shell and a set of beer metal shell, integrated molding process, original C89 plug, has the advantages of no spring frame, stable use and no error reporting, at the same time, the product has passed the apple MFI certification. This product supports data transmission and charging between the device and MAC or PC, and can provide up to 5v2.4a (12W) output power for IOS devices.


2、 Usb-c to lightning cable


Ca54-c to lightning Apple fast charging data cable. Since Apple first released a mobile phone supporting USB PD fast charging in 2017, chuangyinda has launched a variety of models of C to lightning Apple data cable, which can charge 50% of the power in half an hour. This product still uses the integrated molding process of aluminum alloy in the mold, and nylon wire is added inside the wire to make the wire stronger and better swing, This series of products long tail card design makes the head not easy to contact bad, reducing the proportion of a lot of poor functionality.

3、 Usb-c to usb-c cable

iPhone 12 charger

Ca36-type-c to type-C aluminum alloy braided data line supports 100W fast charging output, the maximum voltage is 20v5a, with E-MARK chip. Its wire diameter is 4.0mm, wire length is 1m, and it can also be made 1.5m according to customer demand.


4、 Usb-a to usb-c cable


Ca27-a to type-C has made more bright colors in appearance. PVC wire + double injection molding and laser welding at both ends are its major features. This product also has E-MARK chip, the maximum voltage is 20v5a, its wire diameter is 4.0mm, the wire length is 1m, and the wire length can also be 1.5m according to customer demand.

5、 20W single port PD fast charging charger

 Apple Charger Cable 

T077 20W mobile phone charger plug is a domestic plug, with the size of 4cm * 2.6cm * 4.2cm. It adopts silicon power 6649hf chip, supports 100-240V voltage, total power of 20W, and is compatible with qc3.0. This product with 5v3a / 9v2.22a/12v1.65a three voltage, has obtained CE, ETL, 3C certification.

6、 20W 1a1c fast charging charger

T078 plug is a domestic plug, supporting 100-240V voltage, total power 30W, compatible with qc3.0, size 46mm * 28mm * 57mm, using silicon power 6649hf chip. This plug supports 5v2a fast charging output, and the maximum output power of a + C port is 30W. It has passed CE, ETL and 3C certification.

7、 20W Mini PD fast charging charger

The 20W Mini PD fast charging charger T079 is a domestic plug, with a square shell, 29mm * 29mm * 40MM, 100-240V voltage, 20W total power and qc3.0 compatibility. This charger with 5v3a / 9v2.22a/12v1.65a three fixed voltage, can pass ETL, 3C certification.


At present, chuangyinda has signed up to participate in the 2021 China cross border e-commerce 3C accessories selection conference held by charging head network. On the day of the exhibition, chuangyinda will carry a full range of chargers and data cables to communicate with the majority of e-commerce buyers face to face. At that time, you can go to booth A31 to talk about it in detail.