Tips is the data cable of mobile phone easy to be dirty and broken? These tips make your data cable as good as new!

If you ask, what can you do every day? I believe many people's answer is to play with mobile phones. As we play more mobile phones, charging is inevitable. As one of the necessary tools for mobile phone charging, the data cable is "touched" by us very frequently every day.

I don't know if you have found that the data cable is actually very fragile, easy to dirty, easy to break, easy to contact, sometimes too many lines will make the desktop messy. If we don't pay attention to maintenance, it's easy to sacrifice the data cable. What should we pay attention to in normal use?

Is the data cable easy to break?

Many friends make complaints about badly bruised from flogging with new professors, and it is very likely that you are not using your usual habits at all.

  1. Keep away from heat sources

Most of the data cables on the market are made of TPE material, and their skin is gelatinous. Close to the heat source, it will cause thermal expansion and cold contraction, and it is easy to break with more times. Therefore, we usually need to avoid near the heat source when we use the data cable. Hot computer host, mobile power supply, heater and so on all need attention!

  1. Plug gently

Many people pull the cable directly when they plug the data cable. It's very easy to cut the data cable by pulling the cable. Some people like to play with the mobile phone while charging, which will inevitably shake and pull. This is also the reason for shortening the service life of the data cable. The correct way is to hold the connector as much as possible, gently plug it in and out, and try not to play with the mobile phone when charging. If you really want to play, you need to avoid pulling vigorously.

  1. Add a protective cover at the end of the net


If there are obvious creases or broken skin at the end of the network, you can consider adding a protective cover to the data cable. While strengthening the end of the network, you can also avoid short circuit, leakage and other potential charging hazards caused by the line body fracture. Usually, charging more "violent" fans can consider starting.

  1. Choose braided material


TPE material has the advantages of environmental protection, strong flexibility, and can be bent at will, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break. If you find it difficult to get rid of your usage habits or find it troublesome to add a protective cover, it is recommended to use Nylon Braided data cable instead. This kind of material is more solid and durable, with less fracture and seam, more fashionable and unique appearance, and more diversified color matching.