Three trends of iPhone in the future: two regrets, hopeless fast charging and cancellation of charging port

Recently, there are more and more news about iPhone 13. Today, let's talk about what the iPhone will look like in the future.

Let's start with the conclusion: the two regrets of high brush and fingerprint are very likely to be made up. In terms of fast charging power, which is quite different from Android mobile phones, I personally think Apple will keep at 20W (wired) and 15W (MagSafe) for a long time, and apple is likely to be the first manufacturer to cancel the charging port.

As for the folding screen, although various brands are developing, the cost is still very high, but the practicability is not high. Apple hasn't even used curved screen, a mature technology, so folding screen iPhones will have, but they may need to wait, and don't expect too much from the market.

IPhone 12 is Apple's first 5gi phone. Although you still haven't experienced what changes 5g has brought to you, this 5g iPhone has indeed come. 5g has become a major upgrade of apple in recent years.

In recent years, Android phones mainly focus on 5g, fast charging and high refresh rate. In terms of screen display effect, the display effect of iPhone has always been the head, but I don't think high resolution will be the driving force for Apple's iPhone. Today, Android flagship phones also have a large number of 1080p products, so there is no need to dream about 2K iPhone, let alone affect the battery life .

However, the high refresh rate of the screen is worth looking forward to. It has been revealed that the iPhone 13 will adopt a high refresh rate screen. I think 90hz is more likely. Apple will not be rash and aggressive. Moreover, the iPhone that supports high refresh rate still controls the refresh rate in the form of dynamic adjustment, so as to achieve the purpose of ensuring the battery life. At this point, you can refer to the 5g of the iPhone 12.

In terms of fingerprint identification, when the iPhone X was released, the screen fingerprint technology was not mature and the experience was not good. Now the screen fingerprint has almost become the standard configuration of Android phones. It is also reported that apple is testing the screen fingerprint function of the new iPhone, and the return of screen fingerprint is very likely.

Let's talk about charging. The charging of iPhone has been criticized by users all the time. 5v1a has been fighting for many years, and has finally been upgraded on the iPhone 11 series. The pro version of iPhone 11 also comes with a charger that supports fast charging. Who can imagine that this is also the best performance of "free fast charging charger".

On the iPhone 12, although Apple canceled the free fast charging head, from the point of view of the standard fast charging line, apple wants to solve this historical problem. Different from domestic manufacturers, foreign mobile phone brands have always been less enthusiastic about fast charging. Even if their products are too expensive, the fast charging power is still rubbed on the ground by domestic mobile phone brands. The same is true for apple. It is very likely that the 20W wired fast charging will be used all the time. One is to take care of the formed iPhone accessories market, and the other is that the existence of wired charging is not long.

On the iPhone 12, Apple has added the MagSafe function. In addition to being able to absorb the leather card bag through the magnet and fix it on the car bracket, the biggest function of MagSafe is the wireless charging of the magnetic absorption. Note that this is not a small innovation of apple. Apple has launched many accessories for MagSafe, and will be equipped as standard on future iPhones. Even for iPhones like iPhone 12 and iPhone mini, Apple has not shrunk in hardware, so its importance can be imagined.

At the same time of the release of iPhone 12, Apple also launched made for MagSafe certification. Just like the lightning charging cable you are using, every lightning charging cable with MFI certification adopts Apple's chip, which has passed Apple's strict testing. The product has higher quality and stronger security. Of course, apple can draw a lot of money from it. Make for MagSafe certification is the same. It will be a big market for MagSafe accessories with higher prices.

It is inevitable to cancel the charging port of mobile phones. The first person to eat crabs is likely to be apple, because Apple has the highest user stickiness and the ability to cultivate user habits in the industry. It launched the iPhone x with face ID, so all users will use face ID; it makes IOS unable to change the theme, and there has been no complaint for so many years; it says that if we cancel the charger, we should replace it with a new one or a new one. After all, there are many factors such as ecology, data migration cost and so on. In addition, the iPhone experience is unique, so users have no choice.

What's more, the iPhone only launches one or two products every year, with high price, strong testability and lower cost of educating users. If you want to switch to other brands, you must prepare a large number of wireless charger accessories, cancel the charging port from the flagship machine according to the actual situation, and choose the appropriate charging power to adapt to your many products that support different charging power. Apple's iPhone has remained unchanged for so many years, but it has become an advantage here.

MagSafe can bring a better experience. The magnetic absorption is simple. Although the charging power of 15W MagSafe is not as good as that of 20W cable, it is also much better than that of 5v1a and Qi 7.5W. The key is that the development potential of MagSafe is large enough and the profit of accessories is high. IPhone is likely to be the first brand to eat crabs.

Take the official accessories of iPhone as an example. A 20w-type-c fast charging head costs 149 yuan, which can be used with the fast charging cable attached to iPhone 1. If the charging port is cancelled, users need to buy MagSafe charger, which costs 349 yuan.

Of course, after the release of iPhone 12, there have been many excellent third-party MagSafe chargers on the market, such as the WOSR MagSafe charger I'm using. The official 1 / 3 price also includes a quick charger (the official version doesn't include a quick charger), which is more cost-effective.

As long as the charger is close to the iPhone 12, it can be absorbed, and the magnetic force is strong. Even if you only take the wire, it will not fall off. It should be noted that when using MagSafe charging, you can use bare metal or thinner mobile phone case and MagSafe mobile phone case. If the mobile phone case is too thick, it will affect the magnetic effect.

If you happen to be a user of iPhone 12, you might as well experience MagSafe charging. In the future, MagSafe will become the mainstream.