Three highly praised iPhone charging heads, each with its own characteristics, and the price is close to the people! You get what you pay for

TAS Haowu iPhone charger

On the iPhone 12 series, Apple claims to pursue environmental protection, so it no longer has the standard fast charging head; Not only the iPhone 12 series, but also the iPhones on sale and in the future will no longer be equipped with standard fast charging head, which makes many consumers very difficult. The change of the iPhone 12 series is not only to cancel the charging head, but also to upgrade the attached charging cable from the original usb-a to lightning to type-C to lightning. That is to say, for iPhone users, the fast charging head should be in the form of supporting up to 20W fast charging and type-C socket.


The official website of apple sells this kind of fast charging head at 149 yuan, which is expensive. Relatively speaking, it is more affordable to start with a third-party brand. This time, I would like to recommend three third-party brands of fast charging head. The price is less than 100 yuan, and the prices are not the same, but they are all the most valuable products at the same price, which really explains what a penny a penny is.

Xiaomi original 20W type-C charger

This product is the closest to the official version of apple, without any special black technology and design, nor any fancy, only the strict quality control and quality assurance of Xiaomi, and the price of one third of the official version of apple. Less than 40 yuan price can start, the most common but the most cost-effective.

Xiaomi 20W type-C charger has a simple appearance, and the pure white color is versatile; It supports fast charging of up to 20W for iPhone 12 series, and also supports fast charging for other Android phones. The volume is similar to the official version of apple. It's a quick filling head made by a big company with the lowest price. The workmanship, quality and quality control are guaranteed.

Nubia sugar


Nubia, a mobile phone manufacturer, has just launched the fangtang charger, which is also a type-C charging port. It supports the maximum 20W fast charging for the iPhone and is compatible with Huawei, Samsung and other fast charging protocols. The price is 59 yuan, nearly 20 yuan more than the millet in the previous article,

So where is the 20 yuan? First of all, there are four colors to choose from in the color matching of fangtang, which is more suitable for girls. Makaron's color matching is very good-looking; Secondly, the socket of fangtang is foldable, and it is under such a small volume! Yes, Nubia fangtang adopts the innovative DUS technology, which makes the volume of this 20W charging head similar to that of Apple's 5W charging head. In other words, it is much smaller than Apple's official 20W and Xiaomi's version. So you get what you pay for.

Acer nano pd20w charger

If you have a high budget and want a charging head with quality control and quality comparable to Apple's official version, then Anke nano 20W charger will be suitable for you. This is Apple's official partner and a domestic brand. However, it is much more well-known abroad, and its product quality and quality control are very high.

The volume of Anke nano is the same as that of apple 5v1a charger, and the cross-sectional area is the same as that of a dollar coin. The appearance design is very simple. The most powerful thing about this product is that it reduces the volume, keeps the fast charging efficiency unchanged, and greatly reduces the loss. Apple's PI chip is the same as the official version in terms of security. Although the price is the highest of the three, the workmanship and quality control are still the high requirements of ANC. You can easily get started with a good product.


The above are the three fast charging heads recommended for you, which are more suitable for the iPhone 12 series. You can pay attention to them if you are interested.