This is the wireless charger I want!

With more and more mobile phones supporting wireless charging, there are more and more types of wireless chargers on the market. However, the vast majority of wireless chargers on the market have a very obvious pain point: either lying flat on the charging board or standing on the desktop.

From the use experience point of view, single charging form of wireless charger, in the daily changing environment, it's really embarrassing!

Take the flat wireless charger as an example: when I was in the middle of the drama, my mobile phone suddenly ran out of power. At this time, if I want to charge my mobile phone, I can only choose to put down the endless TV series and put it aside for charging.

Otherwise... I have to stand up and watch the scene, not to mention how depressed it is!

And vertical wireless charger, also often encounter some embarrassing scenes

Is there a wireless charger that can be charged while lying down and standing or side charging when we need it? Not to mention, after a round of screening, I really found such an artifact: Boway folding bracket wireless charger.

Why is it an artifact? This is mainly because it is different from the mainstream wireless chargers on the market. Although its initial form is to let the mobile phone lie down to charge, when I press the black button next to the panel, the charger... Stands up!

When standing up, the mobile phone can charge wirelessly standing or standing on its side. It's really a good experience when playing TV dramas. As for playing games, cough... It's a little troublesome.

However, considering its price of just over 100, I want to say: really fragrant!

Can wireless charger still play like this? I want to say, Boway folding bracket wireless charger, this time really let me see!

At the same time, Boway folding bracket type wireless charger also makes other manufacturers of wireless chargers blush!

Technology is people-oriented, the emergence of wireless charger is to facilitate users, but unfortunately, only a few wireless charger manufacturers really achieve this.

This is the wireless charger I want!

It is worth mentioning that during the use of Boway wireless charger, I found that the compatibility of Boway wireless charger with mobile phones is particularly high, which is different from the situation that ordinary wireless charger can only charge some mainstream mobile phones.

When I use Boway wireless charging, I found that as long as the mobile phone supports wireless charging, it can be very compatible and achieve the maximum charging power, which is also a surprise.

In terms of heating control, Boway wireless charging is also quite good. When I charge my iPhone XS and Xiaomi 10 wirelessly, the body doesn't overheat.

In general, this Boway foldable wireless charger is worth buying. The price is just over 100 yuan, which is just a meal. It's cheaper than most wireless chargers on the market, and the cost performance is still very high.

Finally, I would like to say that if your mobile phone itself supports wireless charging, but you don't have a wireless charger on hand, I suggest you buy one. Because when you buy a mobile phone, you already pay for the wireless charging function. If you don't use it, isn't it a waste?