These years car wireless charger this matter!

The concept of car wireless charging has existed for a long time. In recent years, with the intelligent concentration of mobile phone functions, mobile phones with wireless charging technology have been widely used, and more and more products with wireless charging function are available. Is wireless really wireless?

If the mobile phone itself does not have a wireless charging terminal, it can not achieve wireless charging. Wireless charging is based on the premise that the mobile phone has its own wireless charging function. The external power is input to the mobile phone through wireless microwave technology and wireless charging products. Wireless terminal products are mainly divided into 7.5W 10W 15W 20W, the current share is relatively high for 10W and 15W, other high-power version, part of the mobile terminal technology is not open to the outside world, at present, only a few only have mobile wireless charging patent technology manufacturers occupy high-power charging function! As for whether you can charge your mobile phone, of course, you can charge your mobile phone wirelessly on the premise that your mobile phone has wireless charging function. Whether you can charge your mobile phone fully will test the quality and W number of the wireless charger. The stronger the w number is, the faster the charging will be!

Through these years of efforts, Kaibo technology has achieved reliable product quality and mature technology. Mobile wireless charging has occupied its own market. The product design is young and fashionable, and it is also loved and sought after by young consumers!