There are black spots on the iPhone data cable? Why?

Many small partners who use Apple's mobile phone should have such a question: why does the fourth golden finger of the lightning head have a black spot when Apple's data cable has been used for a long time, while the other roots usually don't.

In fact, this is because the fourth pin is the power pin. If we have used the gold finger to contact with sweat and other liquids in various processes, or there are many dust impurities in the mother base of the mobile phone, there will be a large surge during charging, which will cause the gold finger to burn black. In addition, if there is no grounding wire in your electricity environment, there will also be a large surge during charging, which will cause the gold finger to burn black.

This problem can be said to be closely related to our use habits and environment. If your data cable gold finger has black spots, we can use an eraser to wipe off the black Dongdong, or use a knife to gently hang up. Generally, it can be used normally.

Spicy!!! How can we protect the data cable?

  1. The plug of data cable should not contact with liquid.
  1. It is forbidden to use the data cable plug when it is wet.
  1. The data cable plug should be inserted horizontally into the motherboard of mobile phones and other devices, and violent plug-in should be avoided as far as possible.
  1. Regularly clean the dust and foreign matters in the base of mobile phone or tablet.
  1. Pay attention to the sequence of inserting and removing the data cable. Because the power environment is not grounded, the charger will generate a large current when it is inserted into the socket, which is easy to burn the golden finger of the lightning head black. Therefore, it is recommended to connect the charger before connecting the mobile phone when charging the mobile phone.
  1. Don't directly pull out the data cable when charging. We basically charge the mobile phone when the power is low. In the case of low power, the charging current will be large. If we pull out the lightning connector directly when the power is on, it is easy to cause the lightning of Apple's data cable to burn black, resulting in black spots. Therefore, it is recommended to disconnect the power first and then unplug the data cable when the power is low or high.


  1. When plugging in and out the data cable, hold the shell part of the connector to avoid pulling the cable body directly.