The volume is really small, and it can't be evaluated by dual port fast charging and REMAX Ruiliang car charger

1、 Preface
The main machine of mushroom is Xiaomi 9, which supports 20W wireless charging. Therefore, mushroom uses Xiaomi's 20W wireless car charging electric vehicle holder, which also supports 20W wireless charging. Moreover, the clamping arm of the holder is electric, which is very convenient for daily use and has a strong sense of technology.

However, the original car charging parts of the wireless charging bracket are too large. There is a plane in front of the cigarette lighter interface of the mushroom, which can put some things in daily life. However, if the car charging length is too long, it will be blocked, which is very uncomfortable.

Mushroom has always wanted to buy a small car charger and support fast charging, which can supply power to the 20W wireless charging bracket. Then you can see that the rcc110 car charger of Ruiliang is extremely compact. However, mushroom has been worried that it does not support dual port fast charging, but it has communicated with customer service many times, and customer service expressed support. The 5v-4.8a label is just to tell us that the output power is 5 * 4.8 = 24W. Although I don't believe in mushrooms, this car is really compact. Order to buy one and have a try.

2、 REMAX Ruiliang rcc110 vehicle charger unpacking

The express delivery is fast and the package is simple, just a bubble paper bag.

When it is opened, there is a frosted bag and a car filled plastic package inside.

The plastic packaging of car filling is car filling in the middle and various introductions around.

The back of the car charger introduces some other information.
There is an output parameter table in the lower left corner, and the dual port is still 5V 4.8A.
And the whole body is made of metal. It feels great.
The top of the car charger has two output interfaces, one USB and one type-c.
There is a metal handle outside the USB interface, which is convenient to pull out the car charger.
The side of the car charger has 3C certification mark.
On the other side is the output parameter table.
The tail is a metal contact, which is very elastic.
Put on a comparison picture of the size of the original car charger. The one on the right is almost twice as long as the one on the left.

4、 REMAX Ruiliang rcc110 vehicle charger test
Simple test, use 300 W energy storage mobile power supply of ORICO to test.
The 300W energy storage mobile power supply of ORICO has a car charging interface on the side, which is very convenient.
The effect of the original car's charging is very long.
The Rui measures the effect of the car charging and goes in completely.
It is almost flush with the cigarette lighter, and basically does not protrude at all.
Of course, if you want to pull it out in this case, you can only use the metal pull ring.
The no-load voltage of USB interface is 5.05v.
Support apple 2.4a, QC, FCP, SCP, AFC, PE and other fast charging.
The no-load voltage of type-C interface is 5.05v, which is the same. I have a bad feeling.
The fast charging supports many protocols, and also supports PD.
There are three PD voltage levels, 5V, 9V, 12V, and 3.3V ~ 11V to support PPS.
Actually test the output effect of the car charger. Here we use Xiaomi's 20W vertical wireless desktop charger to test, which should be the same as the 20W wireless car charger.
Type-C single port output, default standby can start qc3.0 fast charging.
5、 Summary

Ruiliang's car charger is really small and takes up little space. The car charger can be completely submerged into the cigarette lighter interface, and it can only be pulled out by the metal handle on the top. The texture of the car is very good. It's made of all metal. In addition, the metal handle seems to be made of zinc alloy.
The car charger supports single port fast charging, but does not support double port fast charging. I'm disappointed.

In addition, if two devices are plugged in and charged at the same time, the car will burp when charging, turn off the power and then output. There's nothing wrong with daily use, but it's very embarrassing in the car. The first thing I do when I get on the car is to put the mobile phone. Sometimes when the mobile phone is just put away, the car will burp, and the electric clamping arm will stop on the clamping road. Then when the power is on again, the electric clamping arm will not continue to clamp tightly, and the mobile phone can't be put firmly, so I can only take it down and put it again.
If only we could support double quick charging.