The universal charger that can be put into the pocket is the trial experience of S3 second generation Gan charger

It is an irreversible trend to cancel the charger for mobile phones, and gallium nitride charger has become the first choice for consumers. Compared with traditional chargers, Gan chargers are not only small in size, but also fast in charging speed, which can be compatible with most mobile phones, more like the universal chargers in the era of function machines.

In the 360 public test activity, we got the second generation gallium nitride 65W charger of zhengtuo S3. The biggest feeling after using it for one week is that it has smaller volume and faster charging. In addition to charging mobile phones, zhengtuo S3-2 can also charge laptops. You can only bring a charger when you go out.

Appearance: Gan charger smaller than traditional charger

One of the advantages of zhengtuo S3 second generation Gan charger is its smaller size, which can be put into any pocket of the body. Because of its light weight, it has no discomfort when put into the pocket, so it is suitable for carrying.

From the parameter point of view, the size of zhengtuo S3 second generation Gan charger is 65.8mm * 30MM * 35.8mm, which is similar to the size of girl's lipstick. Even compared with other brands of Gan chargers, the volume of zhengtuo S3-2 is slightly better. Specially compared with the friend products, it's really smaller.

Compared with traditional chargers, zhengtuo S3 second generation Gan chargers are smaller. After all, this charger weighs less than 100g. In contrast, the S3-2 may be the smallest of the current 65W Gan chargers.

The appearance design of zhengtuo S3 is very fashionable. The fuselage adopts two-stage design, the fuselage adopts Roman column fine grain design, and the socket pin is bright surface design. The logo of the product is on the front of the machine body, which is consistent with the direction of the socket pin.

Although the size is very small, the number of interfaces of the second generation Gan charger of zhengtuo S3 has not shrunk. There are three charging interfaces, two C ports and one a port, which are arranged vertically. In addition, the charging interface also uses graphics to mark the appropriate device.

According to the graphic identification of the charging interface, the two C ports of zhengtuo S3 second generation can charge laptops and smart phones, while the a port can only charge smart phones.

In addition, the smart chip is built into the second generation Gan charger of zhengtuo S3, which can automatically identify the fast charging protocol supported by the mobile phone. If you are charging a mobile phone and then plug in another one to charge the second one, the charging will be temporarily interrupted and then return to normal. This is a normal phenomenon, not a fault.

Conclusion: smaller size and faster charging speed is the biggest feeling of zhengtuo S3 second generation Gan charger in more than ten days. As the second generation of zhengtuo S3 supports the mainstream fast charging protocol, it is enough to use it outside. Even if some mobile phones can't activate the fast charging protocol, the actual charging speed is faster than the 5W charger.

Due to the bright surface design used in the second generation Gan charger of zhengtuo S3, it is easy to be scratched by sharp objects in the bag, which affects the appearance of the product. I hope the next generation of products can be improved. In general, S3 is a super sign.