The type-C data cable has been used for nearly five years. It's still easy to use. It's small but powerful

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When it comes to "type-C", it must be familiar to everyone, because most mobile phones, tablets and laptops now use the type-C interface, so what are its advantages? Now let's take you to understand.

Generally speaking, type-C data line has the following characteristics:


  1. Slim: the size of type-C interface is only 8.3 * 2.5mm, which is more suitable for increasingly miniaturized computing devices;


  1. Fast transmission speed: usb3.1 data transmission speed can reach 10Gbps;


  1. Strong scalability: type-C can transmit audio and video signals, expand to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA interface, and even achieve 4K resolution expansion.


  1. Front and back pluggable: the type-C interface, like Apple's lightning interface, can realize positive and negative pluggable, which has no directionality and is very convenient. It greatly improves the usability of USB interface, and people will no longer worry about looking for the positive and negative interface in the dark.


  1. Strong power supply capability: usb3.1 type-C interface can provide up to 100W power output, that is, bidirectional power supply can be realized through typc-c interface: it can not only charge the equipment itself, but also supply power to external equipment.


  1. Fast charging: because the type-C interface has four power lines, the thick power line allows a large current to pass, of course, the charging is fast; Moreover, the type-C interface allows the charger to communicate with the power management chip of the mobile phone to improve the charging voltage. When the current is constant, the charging power can be increased and the charging speed can be accelerated (this is super fast charging). Theoretically, the maximum speed can reach 100W.


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After reading so much, you know the benefits of type-c. Do you know the advantages of the type-C interface?


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