The mini palm power bank with its own data cable is the necessary "life-saving" equipment for police to go out!

Hello, everyone. I'm the director.

Nowadays, our work, life and even entertainment are almost inseparable from mobile phones at all times.

Whether it's game chasing, drama shopping, or alarm video verification, a mobile phone can do it all! However, I can't help but feel flustered every time I see the words "insufficient power". Especially, the battery used for two or three years has deteriorated, which can be described as charging for two hours and talking for five minutes······

This leads to the fact that people's biggest fear when they go out is not that they have no money in their pockets, but that their mobile phones have no electricity.

Reasons for recommendation


  1. One is ultra light and ultra-thin, and the other is small and mini, which is easy to carry;
  1. Built in micro cable, type-C cable and lighting adapter, compatible with all mainstream mobile phone charging needs in the market;


  1. 5000 / 10000mah two large capacity high quality lithium batteries with strong endurance;

  1. High quality circuit chip, four safety protection, use more assured.

The first time I saw this power bank, I found that the design of this power bank was too exquisite.


There are two kinds of original illustration design, one is the usual clothes, a little healthy; One is the black moon and high wind action, very cute.

It's only two-thirds the size of an ordinary power bank, similar to the size of the iPhone 5S. It's very light to hold in one hand and easy to carry.

It's not only small, it's thin.

The thickness of this power bank is only 12.8cm, which is similar to that of ordinary mobile phones. When charging, it will not be like a brick to hold it together with the mobile phone.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

The weight is only 114g, 300g lighter than ordinary power bank! It doesn't feel cumbersome to put it in your pocket or bag.


The most painful thing in life is no more than smoking without fire, mobile phone without electricity, with power bank without cable.


This power bank has built-in micro cable, type-C cable and lighting adapter to meet the needs of different models. Mainstream mobile phones on the market can use it, and there is no such trouble at all.


Pull it out and plug it in. You can charge it when you pick it up.

Although the volume is light, but the endurance is not empty.

Equipped with 5000mAh large capacity high quality lithium battery, it can supply sufficient power for mobile phone emergency.


10000 Ma

The original cartoon illustration design of this power bank is more cute.

 iPhone Charger Cable

Compared with the previous one, the volume of the power bank is smaller, only the size of the palm, but the thickness is increased by 3.2mm.


As the battery capacity reaches 10000 Ma, it weighs a little more than 169g.


When charging, it can be used as a charging line by pressing and pulling on both sides.


10000 Ma high-quality high-capacity battery, while charging multiple mobile phones without pressure.


Even if it's a severe mobile game, it's no problem for a day.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

High quality circuit chip


Both of them are equipped with high-quality circuit chip, 5v2a fast charging, charging and storage speed are very fast.


When charging the equipment stably, it also provides four safety protection measures to effectively prevent short circuit, overcharge and discharge, high temperature and other problems, which greatly improves the safety of charging.