The difference between running glasses and riding glasses

The main consideration of riding glasses is sand and UV protection, because the ultraviolet reflectance of the road is too high, and riding needs to stare at the road all or most of the time, which is for eye protection. In windy weather, or on the road there will be all kinds of vehicles passing by constantly, the wind and sand or the tiny particles floating down the car. If you lose your eyes without the protection of glasses, it will be very serious when you are riding. In addition, it will block some rain and snow, but you will not choose to wear any glasses in rainy and snowy weather.

There are many kinds of outdoor glasses, such as riding glasses, desert glasses and so on. Generally, hikers don't think they need too good ones, which is equivalent to sunglasses. No matter what kind of glasses, eye protection is the first. If it's riding glasses, there are several pairs of interchangeable lenses, which are suitable for different weather and light conditions! If you are short-sighted, just change the lens! Riding glasses are basically anti crazy scratch and UV better, outdoor do not necessarily have to use good! According to your own situation!

To introduce riding glasses, we should know why we wear glasses first. Riding glasses mainly include bicycle spectacles, bicycle myopia glasses, mountain bike glasses, etc. Because the speed change and the wind speed influence the eyes greatly during the ride, the long-term exposure of the eyes in the wind causes the dry eyes, and will have acid feeling when finally opening, no stickiness! So it is necessary to wear riding glasses for riding well.

Glasses can block most of the wind on our eyes, to a certain extent, reduce the tired time of our eyes. Another is that if the sun is too big, the direct sunlight on the eyes is also quite big, simple formation of temporary blank, which may be why many athletes in the competition like wearing sunglasses, Too much direct sunlight also simple formation of people's eyesight tired! It is suggested that friends with long-distance riding plan can maintain their eyes well.

Summer and autumn season use field glasses function

The sun in summer and autumn is very "spicy", and it often shines people can not open their eyes. This is an unavoidable question for people who travel and carry out outdoor sports. At this time, wearing field glasses is very important. On the one hand, it can protect your eyes from ultraviolet damage, on the other hand, when you are in the field sports, It also helps you to stick to a clear vision.

According to the wild donkey, the safety glasses worn in the sports must have the functions of safety, maintenance, comfort and beauty. When choosing, we should pay attention to know some points to the business: first, the field glasses must be able to prevent ultraviolet rays, and the filtering of ultraviolet rays can reach 100%. In addition, most field glasses are equipped with polarizing lenses, It can filter the stray light. The polarized lens is very comfortable after wearing, the visual field is more clear, driving, fishing, snowboarding, especially suitable. Good field glasses are usually made of magnesium alloy, which is soft, colorful and colorless.

When maintaining field glasses, you may take them off with both hands, and do not let the mirror touch the desktop or other sharp objects. When the lens is dirty, the mirror shall not be cleaned with other solutions except detergent. Polarizing lenses should not be cleaned with water or ultrasonic, otherwise the polarizing effect will be damaged.