The difference between goggles and riding glasses

First of all, all kinds of riding glasses with short-sighted inner frame on Taobao are pits. The inner frame is too soft and close to the eye, so it is difficult to match the lens. Even if it's barely matched, it's been wearing for a long time. It's going to be dizzy. If it's just sunshade, it's recommended to go with a color changing myopia lens and use an ordinary frame. If you want to prevent wind, sand and sunshade. You can only go to the exclusive store like okley to customize it. A pair of three or four thousand.

I am myopic and astigmatism. I've been riding a bike without my glasses on. Do some analysis, and share with you, I summed up four kinds of nearsighted bicycle goggles.

Contact lens + ordinary bicycle goggles

It's not recommended. There are all kinds of problems with contact lenses when cycling for a long time

If you need to do double lens, because the myopia layer is very close to the glasses, so the pupil distance needs to be adjusted to a certain extent, but I think everyone is different. This program varies from person to person, but I have checked the relevant maladjustment symptoms or more, I personally do not recommend, because individual differences are large, you do not know how to adjust the degree and PD. Custom myopia riding glasses

Custom myopic bicycle goggles need to provide myopic data, so I think this is a better solution. In terms of price, the company's customized glasses cost about $600. If it's Oakley or Rudy, the price will be higher. I can measure it myself. Goggle helmet

The most explosive and eye-catching thing. Now there are several options: Giro air shield, price 2000, clutch in Vizz, about 1000. In the early stage, Jingdong conducted crowdfunding at a price of 599 yuan. I'm sorry I didn't buy anything. GvR riding helmet: the price is 430, non haplotype 220. The job is average, but it's already the cheapest solution for riding near sighted goggles.

In fact, Rudy also has a lot of internal myopia glasses, but I haven't tried them yet. Taobao also has many domestic nearsighted frames, but I don't know if they are reliable. I think it would be a good idea to have a big name like Rudy if I had money. I haven't ridden a bicycle for half a year, and the mirror in America is very expensive, so I haven't tried it. When I finished the CPA exam, I went to the American optical shop to check the solution. Taobao also has a lot of domestic short-sighted frames, but I don't know if they are reliable. If you really want to wear this kind of glasses, you might as well try the following solutions. Wear contact lenses + traditional bicycle glasses

It's a highly recommended method, but there's a big problem: the frequency of blinking and the wind can cause contact lenses to dry quickly, and you'll have a bad time. There are many kinds of goggles, industrial, cycling and computer. The role of various goggles is certainly different. The riding goggles are used to prevent wind, sand, mosquitoes, etc., while the computer goggles are mainly used to prevent radiation and protect eyesight.