The data cable of mobile phone is always broken. Should I buy it this way?

I don't know if the majority of mobile phone users have the same feeling, that is, the data cable is always damaged, easy to be dirty, easy to be broken, easy to be in poor contact, and it's particularly inconvenient to buy another one. Because the original is expensive, there are so many third-party products that I don't know how to choose. The data cable of mobile phone is always broken. How to buy it? Interested partners can come to see my ideas!



  1. Appearance design. The appearance design of the product can also reflect the quality and service life of the data cable, such as the diameter and thickness of the line, the material of the outer cover, the design of the net tail, etc. A good data cable generally uses a thicker high-quality copper core. Generally speaking, the data cable with a thicker diameter has a more solid internal material. If you can, check the flexibility of the data cable and the tightness of the socket directly. The data cable with soft wire and tight plug is better.
  1. Recognize MFI certification. If it is an apple data cable, it is necessary to identify whether the product has obtained Apple MFI certification. This is Apple's license certification for its accessories. The brands that have obtained MFI certification are more guaranteed in terms of quality and technology.
  1. Choose the right length, generally speaking, every mobile phone will have the official standard data cable, but they are always too long or too short to be satisfactory. So friends try to choose the right length according to their own use scenarios.
  1. Purchase from regular channels. At present, the data cables on the market are uneven, so we need to identify reliable brands. Secondly, we must purchase through regular channels, so that the product quality and after-sales service will be more guaranteed.



Well, without saying much, I'll give you an Amway, Beisi's metal caf é series data cable, which can be used by both Android users and Apple users, because it is divided into two versions, which is convenient for you to choose better.

There is no difference in quality between the two models, which are made of zinc alloy shell and durable nylon braid. The hand of the thread is very strong, and the handle is excellent, and the various colors it brings can also reflect the different look and feel. Bring your own magic band, put the thread away when you don't use it, and it won't be a mess any more. Not only convenient storage, but also improve the quality.

At the same time, when I use it, I feel that the length of 1m is enough. If you want to have a wider range of activities when charging, there are many lengths of 2m to choose from.

Finally, let's talk about the charging speed. Because the two models are a little different, let's talk about them separately.


Apple's fast charging series is upward compatible with PD 20 W, downward compatible with PD 18 W, and adapts to the full range of Apple 8-12 fast charging, which can quickly fill the battery of mobile phone. Using 5 strands of 178 cores to increase the speed, the conductivity is not only strong, but also the charging speed is faster. And it also has a built-in intelligent identification chip, which can reasonably control the current and voltage, pass the PD 20W high power efficiently, and charge quickly and safely.

Android type-C

Android provides 40W fast charging, which is suitable for Huawei fast charging. At the same time, it provides 6 strands of 292 thick copper cores for conduction, so the charging speed is faster. Now I use my mobile phone to charge it for almost an hour. In addition, it is still fast charging at constant temperature. Even if it is charging while playing, the mobile phone battery is not harmful, and it is very safe to use.

In addition, if you buy a good quality data cable, you can also take some measures to protect the data cable, so that the use time will be longer!