The choice of multi protocol fast charging - Teslin 65W Gan charger

In recent years, "gallium nitride" as a new type of semiconductor material, with its super thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, is gradually replacing the traditional original charging head. More users carry high efficiency, low heating, high power and small volume of gallium nitride charging head when they travel. In addition to having more advantages than traditional chargers in charging power conversion, At the same time, multi protocol support can charge all kinds of electronic products more stably. It happened that the new year was approaching, and I was preparing to leave for my hometown. After a lot of weighing, I chose the compact Tyson Gan.

In fact, the performance of many Gan products on the market is also very close, and the reason why the final phase of taixun is because of its small size. The white outer package of a seat is very clear, and the simple front and back printing can quickly let users understand the appearance of the product and the charging power information of various supports.
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In the interior of the box, the environmental protection embedded paper tray design is adopted. The concave folding design locks the charger firmly in the center. Besides the charger host, there is also a warranty card printed with text instructions; Because it is a third-party charging device, there is no random color matching charging wire.

This 65W charger from taixun weighs about 103G, the shell is made of PC material, which is not easy to burn, and the surface drawing process makes it more reliable when grasping. In addition, the square appearance adopts round corner design, which makes it very convenient to carry in your pocket in life.

In addition, there are two independent a + C power supply ports on the back of Tyson Gan charger, which can support the fast charging operation of digital devices with different protocols, especially for some notebooks supporting PD charging.

In order to give consideration to both beauty and practicality, the plug adopts the popular folding plug design, and the 90 degree expansion plug just places the head in the center of the charger's single side, so that the complicated time of hole alignment can be saved when inserting the jack.


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So is gallium nitride charger really so magical?

For this reason, I will compare the apple 10W, vivo fast chargers and Tyson 65W gallium nitride, which have been "treasured for many years" in my home, to see how much power these three chargers can provide for the mobile phone.

It is not difficult to see from the above figure that the performance differences among the three charging devices are very obvious. Of course, the worst hit is still Apple's 10W fast charging. Although it can achieve the charging efficiency of 1.2A, the nominal 5V = 2A charging head is still not fully developed; On GaN chargers, phones that support up to 2A can get a full speed of 1.96a for fast charging; The last vivo charger only achieves 1.45a charging efficiency when the protocol is not supported and the cable is not original. Through the experiment, it is not difficult to see that Tyson Gan charger can provide maximum stable energy supply for different protocol equipment.
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After more than half a month's experience, I can't put it down for this Gan charger. I feel that the original charger doesn't smell good in front of it. For users who are surrounded by different electronic devices, it is recommended to start a thalson Gan charger.