The choice of Apple 12 charging head should be small and affordable

Ciao Bello, I'm Lao Fang.

Since the iPhone 12, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have not included charging heads in their mobile phone packages. Its name is promoting environmental protection. In fact, it has to cut off the charging head to cope with the rising BOM price, save the cost and maintain the selling price.

No charging head, both advantages and disadvantages. I have to buy an extra charger, which is inferior; But I can put aside the high price of Apple's original charging head and choose a product I want. This is the biggest advantage. Combined with so many years of digital product experience and experience, there are three core requirements for Apple 12 charger: small, fast and affordable.


1 Small

Let's take a look at the size of Apple's original charger.

As an apple family bucket user, there are quite a few original apple chargers in Laofang's home. They are basically complete from iPhone to MacBook Pro. The smallest of the four chargers in the figure above is the iPhone "Wufu Yian" 5W charger, the left is the iPad 10W charger, the right is the 20W original apple 12 charger (comes with homepod mini), and the middle is the MacBook Pro charger.

Apple's ancestral "Wufu Yian" is just the right size, but the charging efficiency is too low. The iPhone 12 supports 20W PD fast charging, which is less than enough and more wasteful. It's just right to choose 20W fast charging head. On this basis, the smaller the volume, the better.

On the other hand, you may have met with this kind of thing, the plug is full of plugs, but there is always a plug that is too large, which makes it difficult to plug in the socket opposite to it. This shows the advantages of small volume charging head. For example, this tulas ice 20W fast charging head is still firmly inserted because of its small size, even though it is squeezed pitifully by the "big head" on the opposite side.

The volume of atlas small ice is about 32mm square, while the volume of Apple 20W charging head is about 42 * 27 * 41mm. Put on the comparison chart directly, you can feel the size difference more intuitively.


Plus the reference, the comparison of iPhone 12 is as follows.

Different from Apple's original charging head, tulas ice adopts rounded design, with smooth shell material, smooth hand feel and strong overall design.

The pin is a double head national standard and can't be folded. However, in order to increase the folding storage function, the volume is bound to increase, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

2 Be quick

Apple's mobile phone technology of "five good luck and one safety" has been spun for a long time, and finally supports fast charging. Although Android mobile make complaints about fifty or sixty watts of charging power, it is much more efficient than before.

IPhone 12 supports 20W PD fast charging, and it is suitable to match with the 20W charging head of atlas ice.


Small ice is equipped with patent FS chip of atlas, which can charge Apple 12 mobile phone to 60% in 30 minutes. Test the charging efficiency, use the mobile phone to 0 power automatically shut down to start charging, start recording time and remaining power.

As you can see, the iPhone 12 is charged with 58% power in 30 minutes with Atlas ice, which is almost the same as the nominal one, and the efficiency is very high.

Another time, test again. At 9:40, the phone automatically turned off at zero power and began charging.

During this period, I answered the phone for about two or three minutes (keep charging state), until 10:11, about half an hour, charging to 56%.

3 Be practical

Needless to say, enough is enough, if you can save. The price of the original apple 12 charger, which costs nearly 200 yuan, is really not cheap. Third party products are much cheaper.

3 Be practical

Needless to say, enough is enough, if you can save. The price of the original apple 12 charger, which costs nearly 200 yuan, is really not cheap. Third party products are much cheaper.

Charging starts at 9:40, charging takes 26 minutes to measure the temperature at 10:06, the temperature is 32.2 degrees, the temperature control effect is good, the name of "Little Ice" is not in vain.

5 All in all


All in all, apple cut off the iPhone 12 charging head and actually gave the choice to consumers. The pursuit of perfection can buy the original apple 12 charging head; Those who like personality can choose third-party products.