Swiss Tauren invented black technology data cable! One leads to six, and overseas crowdfunding attracts 11 million yuan

Xuebajun recently saw a piece of news. It was revealed that Apple will replace the lightning interface with type-C interface in the next year's iPhone and iPad as soon as possible.

If this news is true, xuebajun will cry.

After so many years of waiting, the interface is finally unified. I don't have to take a bunch of wires when I go out!

Xuebajun is really fed up with the current charging cable. Apple's products are all equipped with lightning interface, most of Android's are type-C interface, and the earphone speaker is micro USB interface.

The charing port of the device is in disorder. Since Apple also has fast charging, the interface of the charging head is divided into USB and type-c.


People with more equipment like xuebaju have to take five or six lines every time they go out.


In fact, it's no wonder that, after all, the profit margin of charging head, charging cable and other accessories has always been very high. Apple earns as much as 10 billion yuan a year from accessories.


However, not everyone wants to make huge profits from accessories.


Xuebajun recently found that a group of Swiss people are "Crazy". They have made a 6-in-1 data cable, which can be called the "Swiss Saber" in the data cable industry. The amount of support on foreign crowdfunding websites has reached 11 million yuan! This data cable, called incharge, is so small that it can be hung on the key chain, but it can be adapted to my Android mobile phone, iPad, laptop and headset, so that I can really take only one cable when I travel.


There are 13cm and 150cm versions of this line. Xuebajun thought about it again and again, and finally bought the 13cm short one.


It's been nearly a month since I bought it. Today I'd like to share my experience with you. Swiss Army knife in data cable


Go out with only one thread


When I just got this data cable, my heart was a little confused.


Originally, I thought that "one can be used as six" means that it can change the plug and so on, but I didn't expect to get only one data cable.


It was only later that I found out that there was something in this data.


The plugs on both sides can be pulled apart. The input port can be switched between USB and type-C, and the output port can be switched between lightning and type-c.


The incharge team also innovatively integrated the micro USB connector into the lightning interface, which can charge my iPad as well as my wireless headset and kindle.


With the combination of two inputs and three outputs, this data cable has the function of six data cables, covering 90% of the digital devices on the market.


For example, for the Android mobile phone used by xuebajun, I can use the combination of USB to type-C to connect the charger or computer to charge the mobile phone. IPhone users can use the combination of USB to lightning or type-C to lightning to charge.


When I'm on a business trip, my wireless headset can also be charged with USB to micro USB.


Even if you don't have a power bank, you can use type C to type C and type C to lightning to "steal electricity" from an Android machine. It's really delicious to charge it in reverse.


In addition to charging, this cable can also be used to transmit data.

iPhone 12 charger

Xuebajun uses MacBook. As we all know, macbook is a traditional USB interface. It's difficult to connect a mobile phone or a camera to transmit data.


Now it's simple. Type C to type C with mobile phone, type-C to micro USB with camera. Photos taken on business trips can be imported into the computer anytime and anywhere. Whether it's an Android or an apple, whether it's an iPad or a switch, or a wireless headset, you can charge it with this cable. Data cable for Keychain


Apple Charger Cable

It's hard to lose the super magnetic force


Most of the data cables used by xuebajun before are original ones. Even if they are long, several of them will wind up and become a ball of thread.


Especially when I use the power bank to charge, in addition to holding the power bank and mobile phone, I also need to hold the long data cable, which is very troublesome.

Apple Charger Cable

The data cable of incharge is only as big as the key when folded. There are n52 powerful magnets at both ends. With the anti-skid structure, it is almost impossible to release automatically when it is locked.


So xuebajun usually likes to lock it on the key ring. He takes it with him to and from work. When he uses it, he can open it as soon as he pulls it. It's convenient and he's not afraid to lose it.