Supporting Huawei's 66W super fast charging

Bess flash series data cable has always been a treasure like existence, multi-functional, durable is the biggest feature. Different from the common single function and single interface data cable, the double flash one drag three fast charging line can realize three kinds of output through one interface, and the maximum support is 66W fast charging.

The packaging is still familiar with the family style inheritance of Beisi, and the front is the intuitive display of the data cable. Here is an introduction to you through three kinds of color matching. The bottom of the box is marked in English: one pull three fast charging data cable, usb-a to micro + lightning + type-C output, maximum support 5A over-current, which is very rare in this kind of one pull three multi-function data cable, usually no more than 3a. At the top is the familiar baseus brand logo.

On the back of the box is an introduction to some parameters


Material: aluminum alloy + nylon braid

Current: type-C / 6A, lightning / 2.4a, micro / 2A

Transmission rate: 480mbps

Length: 1.2m

On both sides of the package are the five main selling points of the product: 66W fast charging, 120cm line length, three in one design, fast charging indicator identification, 480mbps data transmission.

When you open the box, the first thing you see is the I / O interface.

Which color do you prefer? Finally, we are familiar with the warranty card and Beisi sticker is also essential.

The core of Bess flash series is relatively strong and strong. In addition, it is wrapped with nylon braided material, which not only makes it more durable, but also further improves the tensile strength and bending resistance.


The middle part of the large distributor is inlaid with aluminum alloy, which is exquisite and beautiful. At the same time, it also strengthens the structural strength of the position. Long term use can effectively avoid aging, cracking, skin breaking and other conditions.


Under the logo of baseus Beisi, there is an LED fast charging indicator. When you plug in the power supply and enter the fast charging state, it will display orange light. In the normal charging state, it will display blue light.

The color nylon woven net of the cable body is compact and solid. Compared with the rubber material package, it can minimize the occurrence of cracking after long-term use. IPhone users should have a deep understanding of this. Apple's original data cable will inevitably appear yellowing, aging, peeling and cracking after a long time.

The details of body knitting are displayed.

The black Velcro strap is printed with the brand logo of baseus Beisi. The 1.2-meter-long wire is very regular and convenient for storage after simple binding. In addition, if there are several interfaces that are not commonly used, they can also be tied up to save space, and the desktop will look neat.


The usb-a input interface is also wrapped in a ring of aluminum alloy, which is delicate and durable.


The internal contact is widened and enlarged to carry more current, so as to support 66W fast charging.


In the output part, the three interfaces are equipped with the fast charging logo that they can carry. The usb-c interface supports 5A high current output, the micro USB interface supports 2A output, and the apple lightning interface supports 2.4a current output.


In fact, the C-Port can support Huawei's 66W super fast charging, that is, the highest 6A high current output. Except for Huawei's own accessories, other third-party brands can rarely do this.

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The yellow label on the line body indicates the over-current capability and data transmission capability of each interface. In the case of a to C + L + m, it is 5V / 3.5A mode. Port C supports 5A charging (peak 6A charging) and 480mbps data transmission. Port l supports 5V / 2.4a charging and 480mbps data transmission. Port m only supports 9V / 2A fast charging.


The length of the line is 1.2 meters, which is about the same as the standard height of children who need to buy tickets in the subway station. This length is generally enough whether it is placed at the head of the bed, in the car, or in the office. It is worth mentioning that this flash series of one-to-three data cable of Beisi has good support for Huawei's mobile phone's fast charging, such as the conventional 22.5w fast charging, 40W and even 66W super fast charging. Of course, the premise is that the charger side should also support the corresponding fast charging technology. In particular, Huawei's 66W super fast charging can only be realized with Huawei's specific 11V / 6A charger, which needs attention.

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Another convenience is that it can support charging three devices at the same time. Of course, it is not limited to mobile phones. Devices such as Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers can also be charged through this line.


Type-C, lightning, micro USB, these three device interfaces almost cover the current mainstream charging interface, especially many smart phones, still use micro USB interface.

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Charging compatible with old devices is a very user-friendly design, such as the home standby machine, the elderly machine, oppo, vivo mobile phones a few years ago, or the mobile phones that children are using. Many of them are still micro USB interfaces. With this flash one drag three data cable, the home devices are basically universal.