Super power in history: 100W car charger

As a car enthusiast, I am interested in many car accessories, such as car vacuum cleaner, smart rearview mirror, Xiaomi's inflatable treasure, car charger and so on. I like it very much, especially the inflatable treasure can directly pump the car tires, which is very convenient.

Especially with the upgrading of mobile phones, people's dependence on mobile phones is becoming more and more serious. They can't go out without a mobile phone. However, due to the limitation of mobile phone batteries, it's common for people to have a lack of power. It's easy to make people feel insecure. In addition to mobile phones, car chargers are the things that drivers must bring when they go out, I don't know if you are familiar with the car charger. Many people don't know the quality of the car charger, so today I recommend a fast charging version of Xiaomi car charger with the highest charging power of 100W.

The feature of this product is fast charging, the maximum power is 100W, but 100W cable charging can only be realized when Xiaomi mobile phone is used. Let's see this charger together!


Xiaomi products have always been packaged simply. The front is the main body of the car charger. There is an orange sign of Xiaomi in the upper right corner, and the output interface and product name are displayed below.

On the back is a more detailed introduction, including: model, output interface, input and output parameters. The maximum output power of the product with two ports can reach 68W at the same time. Below is the information about the consignor and manufacturer of the product. If you don't say much, take it apart first.

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After opening, it contains a usb-c to usb-c data cable. The charger body also has a product manual, so there is no superfluous things. This data cable has an e-marker chip, which supports 5A high current. It is recommended to use the built-in charging cable when charging. The charging speed is super fast.


The front display shows that this Xiaomi car charger fast charging version is equipped with two output ports of 1a1c, surrounded by a power indicator light circle, which has a ring-shaped dazzling light effect. It can remind with the size of charging power, and it can also use the weak aperture of the indicator light in the dark to avoid the embarrassment of not touching the charger.

Xiaomi's products have always been beautiful. It's very pleasant to see this small aperture on the car.

Not to mention that the charger is characterized by fast charging, and the side of the charger body also writes the maximum power of input and output. The overall frosted material of the product, officially known as anode proof PC spraying body, is very delicate and full of texture. The anti-skid shrapnel is made of manganese steel and brass, which is anti-skid and wear-resistant, and can be used for a longer time.

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Feeling of using

This car charger is compatible with almost all intelligent devices, because it is equipped with USB automatic matching chip, which can be intelligent and compatible with electronic devices. In addition to common mobile phones and laptops, it can also charge outdoor commonly used electronic devices such as flashlights and mobile power supply, and experience the feeling of lightning charging. It is very convenient to use, and can be used after being plugged into the vehicle interface, After the plug-in, the standby mode lights up automatically, and the sensory feedback is very comfortable.

Most of the chargers on the market are best to charge after the car engine is started. Otherwise, when the car is ignited, the voltage of the car battery will decrease, which will affect the charging effect. However, this charger is different because it uses a high-quality control chip, which provides four circuit protection of over-current, over temperature, over voltage and short circuit. It provides safe charging service and does not need to worry too much.


As a 100W cable charging charger, I still hope it can be adapted to more mobile phones or computers. At present, there are too few adaptations, and the appearance is very good. When I use it, the little girl in the car exclaims: this charger is beautiful. Then is the safety aspect, the charger has provided the four fold safety protection, the charging use is at ease.

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In fact, even if there is no super large cup of Xiaomi 10, it's OK to charge other smart devices. One charger is all done, and two plugs give you more space to use. It's worth starting!

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