Such a thick data line was originally designed in this way, and the usb3.1 Gen2 fast charging data line was disassembled

Recently, the charging head network has obtained a 60W fast charging CC data cable. The data cable head is lengthened, and the cable body is thick. It is rare in the market. At the same time, it has good flexibility and delicate feel. The cable also has an e-marker chip, which has 60W power transmission capacity and supports USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) data transmission. Next, we will disassemble the data cable to see how it is made.



1 Appearance of 60W fast charging CC data line

This data cable is bundled with plastic film, and its body is made of high-quality TPE black material. It is not only thick and soft, but also has a skin like feel. It is very comfortable to hold, and the male end is covered with plastic cover for protection.

The black skin of the thread body is made of high-quality TPE material. The whole thread body is soft and the surface is smooth without burr.

The data cable head is lengthened, and the outer part is a frosted plastic shell, which increases the friction force and is convenient for users to plug in and out. There are four small holes at the ends of the two ends of the data cable heads, which are distributed on both sides.

Close up of two male heads shows the design of 20pin pin pin inside.

The data line is bended at the junction of line body and line head.

The length of the measured data line is about 102CM, which makes it easy to cope with various scenarios.


The diameter of the data line measured by vernier caliper is 4.76mm, which shows that the data line is very strong and durable.

Using the chargerlab power-z km001c detection, it shows that the cable has e-marker chip, the power transmission capacity is 20V / 3a, and the data transmission capacity is USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps).

In the actual charging test, this data cable is used to charge the customized 100W mobile power supply with a charger. The charging voltage is 19.98v, the current is 3.0A, and the charging power is 60.5w. The test shows that the cable supports 60W charging. After a long time charging test, the cable works normally and no abnormality occurs.

2 Disassembly of 60W fast charging CC data line

The plastic shell is cut off, and the metal steel sleeve is used for fully enclosed package protection inside. The package is tight, and a very obvious spot welding can be seen at the junction of the steel sleeve and the male head.

The other side is also fixed by spot welding.

Cut  the steel sleeve, you can see the whole internal injection molding for insulation protection.

Clean up the injection molding, and there is a layer of sealant on the PCB.

E-marker chip close-up, no screen printing, next to the power core solder joint full.

At the back of PCB board, the small components are also protected by sealing glue, and the wire cores are arranged and welded in order.

The end of the core is fixed by injection molding.

Take another look at the cross section of wire rod. The outer skin is very thin, and there are many cores with different thickness inside. Moreover, you can intuitively see the diameter of each core.

A small section of plastic skin is cut, and the inside is a shielding net, which has the function of shielding protection and stabilizing the braided net layer. The skin is closely combined with the metal braided net, and the imprint extruded by the metal braided net can be seen in the inner layer of the skin.

There is a layer of insulating fiber under the screen

Peel off the insulation paper and count it carefully. There are 17 cores in it.

Tear off the plastic skin outside the purple wire core. Inside is a layer of shielding copper foil. Under the copper foil is a metal shielding net composed of tinned copper wire core and coaxial shielding wire.


Summary of dismantling charging head net

This fast charging CC data line is 1 meter long, strong and flexible. After the actual test of the charging head network, it shows that the cable has e-marker chip. In addition to supporting USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) data transmission standard, the test shows that the cable also supports 60W charging, and after a long time charging test, the cable works normally without abnormal conditions.

Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that under the plastic shell of the data cable plug, an integrated steel sleeve is used for reinforcement protection, the PCB board is injected for filling, and the e-marker chip is injected for secondary injection, and the wire core solder joint is full. In addition, there are 17 cores in the thick cable body. In addition to the use of metal shielding mesh in the outer layer, the data core is also equipped with shielding mesh and copper foil, which has strong anti-interference ability. The whole cable is made of high technology and durable.