South card C1 PD 20W charging head: charging head in pocket


As more and more mobile phones have joined the fast charging function, a charging head supporting fast charging, small volume and high power has become the demand of many users. The c1pd20w Mini fast charging head of Nank South card meets the above requirements, Upgrading pd3.0 technology can charge mobile phones quickly, and it is compact and convenient to carry out.


South card C1 PD 20W charging head adopts pure white packaging, and the appearance display diagram of the charging head is printed on the front of the packaging. Its main selling points are: 50% smaller than ordinary charger, 20W pd3.0 fast charging technology, and 3 times faster than ordinary charger.

The back of the package is mainly the basic characteristics and parameter information of the charging head. The product parameters are listed in Chinese and English. The input voltage of 100-240V can be used all over the world, and the maximum output power can reach 20W.

The side of the package is mainly the protection measures of the charging head: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over charging protection. The charging process is fast, safe and stable, and the use is safer and more assured.

Open the package, you can see the charging head of South card C1. There is also a simple operation manual with detailed input and output parameters of the product, which is convenient for users to fully understand the potential of the charging head.

The appearance of South card C1 charging head is also very simple, pure white, very low-key and full of texture. The logo of South card is printed on the top of the charging head, and there is a status indicator light, which will light up blue after power on, and it will not be dazzling at night. South card C1 charging head is very small, the size is about 31.98 * 31.92 * 33.1mm, the white shell is made of fireproof material, with the characteristics of wear resistance and not afraid of scratching, it is very convenient to carry out, and will not occupy too much space.

The four corners of the C1 charging head of South card are round, the charging port is C port, and the interface is reinforced, which is more durable and firm. On the side is marked the maximum power 20W.

The plug of South card C1 charging head adopts folding design, which makes it more convenient to store, avoid scratching other items, occupy more space, and easy to carry. Pd3.0 can quickly charge Android, apple and other devices.

The output power and other information are listed at the bottom of the C1 charging head of South card. The product model, technical parameters, manufacturer, 3C certification and other certification are also described. Users can view the output parameters without opening the manual. This design is also very user-friendly.

user's experience:

Compared with the size of No.5 battery, the C1 Mini charging head of South card is very small, which is not only suitable for carrying out, but also can be used in the socket without blocking the use of other electrical equipment. The weight of the South card C1 Mini charger is 42.3 grams, so it's easy to carry it with you and put it in your pocket.

South card C1 Mini charging head adopts pd3.0 fast charging technology, which is very popular at present. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low heating and high conversion rate. After power on, the blue aperture of the quick charging head lights up. Fortunately, it is not dazzling and will not affect the rest when it is used at night. South card C1 Mini charger supports maximum power output mode, 5V * 3a, 9v2.22a, 12V * 1.67a. Both iPhone xsmax and Android phones can meet the demand of fast charging. The charging power of the iPhone XS Max can reach about 15W by using the South card C1 Mini charger.

South card C1 Mini charging head charges mobile phones much faster than ordinary charging head, occupies a small space, and is very suitable for multiple mobile phone and device users. The test instrument shows that the charging power is about 11W.


South card C1 PD 20W charging head is small in size and low in heat. It supports PD fast charging protocol, which is especially suitable for iPhone. Other digital devices can also reach a good charging level. The foldable pin is very convenient to carry out. Good charging performance saves charging time. It has both appearance and performance, and is very convenient for daily use.