Solutions for myopia of riding glasses

The relatively affordable solution is to buy the wind lens helmet. Glasses and helmet are integrated. You can wear myopic glasses inside and goggles for helmet outside. And then there are all kinds of brands of riding glasses can be equipped with that kind of myopia lens, but one is that the price is more expensive, the other is that there is a power limit, and the power is too high to match. It is not recommended to wear contact lenses. It's uncomfortable after a long time. It is not recommended to take the change to Taobao, search for "riding glasses myopia", and then you will find a lot of related products, which are polarizing lenses plus a myopia frame, hoping to help you with the color of myopia. In addition to good sight, riding glasses also have the function of shielding the wind. Myopia can not cover the wind, long eyes will be red and swollen tears.

In fact, many people have given you the answer. It's very easy to buy a riding mirror, but the problem is the lens. Generally, the current market of riding mirror adopts the combination of lens and clip, which can basically meet the needs of most people. After all, it's very affordable. But if you want to buy a real sense of riding mirror, when the cost of the lens is 1500 ocean, the owner should be careful

Laser protective glasses is a kind of special glasses which can prevent or reduce laser damage to human eyes. Laser protective glasses is a kind of high efficiency and safety goggles, suitable for a variety of lasers, laser pens, this series of optical safety glasses wear comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable. Its optical safety performance fully meets gjb1762-93. The laser safety glasses are reflective and absorptive, which can protect the laser and strong light of specific wave band in an all-round way

Essen 804 professional riding goggles Taobao general price about 120 yuan

With a short-sighted frame, you can go to the optician's shop with the right myopia lens. The power is generally reduced by about 50 degrees... General white resin can be, the price of dozens of pieces

I wear it like this. I don't have any shortcomings at the moment. It's very good.

I studied a lot about glasses when I was wearing glasses last year. I'm going to buy cycling glasses recently. Let's share with you

If I'm used to wearing contact lenses, of course it's best. I don't need to think about it at all. Unfortunately, I'm not used to wearing contact lenses, and I'm afraid to cut lasers. I have to buy riding glasses with built-in nearsighted frames

The lens of ordinary myopia glasses is the whole symmetrical circle, the front of the aspheric surface is basically flat, and there is almost no horizontal angle between the left and right lenses

In order to fit the face, the goggles are curved, so as to protect the wind and shade. Even if the ordinary myopia frame is large, and the dyed lenses can not replace the goggles, because there is no radian, it can't fit the face

In the figure below, the black line represents the windlass, the yellow part represents the bridge of the nose, the purple is the lens, the green dot is the lens center, the blue is the pupil distance, and the green is the myopia frame

If you put it directly behind the goggles with the angle of ordinary myopia glasses as above, the goggles will bulge very high, the top will not be able to block the wind and light, and it will not be comfortable to wear, obviously no one will do so

Therefore, the myopia frame inside will be bent according to the curvature of the wind mirror, and assembled with ordinary myopia lens, as shown in the second picture. If you simply measure the frame size and pupil distance, you can cut and install it. If the lens is tilted a little after installation, the pupil distance will be wrong, so experienced people will move the pupil distance a little outward, but this is just a makeshift method, People who have ever worn glasses know that the best effect is only when they are looking directly. This assembly method is equivalent to skewing the glasses and squinting all the time. Naturally, there are all kinds of problems. Changing the degree is just a way to make up for them. Moreover, the lens does not fit the frame and the installation is not stable

The correct way should be the bottom one. According to the radian of the frame, you can customize the curved lens. Only in this way can you achieve perfect assembly and visual effect. Many high-end lenses will provide customized bending service, which is tens of yuan more expensive than conventional lenses. You have to wait a few days to get it

The above picture is a customized tinted myopia lens with bending. TX wearing glasses may as well compare his own glasses with it to see if the lenses are bent a lot