Smart glasses recommendation

Fashionable appearance, never tired of seeing it for a long time

As Huawei's strategic product in the field of intelligent glasses, Huawei x-century lens eyewear II intelligent glasses has been the second generation product launched by Huawei united with the tide brand of glasses, such a product combines the high-quality characteristics of the two. It not only has black technology, but also is simple and fashionable in appearance, which meets the aesthetic needs of consumers.

Huawei X General master eye II smart glasses: Lang Sunglasses version

For example, the Lang sunglasses, which I selected from 13 styles, are simple and generous in overall design. Compared with ordinary fashion sunglasses, they don't have too grandiose design. They are very suitable for people to wear when they go out of the street or travel.

At the same time, in order to make the product more comfortable to wear, the leg material is made of plastic titanium, which has a very light and no sense of weight-bearing. The connection between the frame and the leg is made of titanium alloy elastic hinge with stronger toughness. The opening and closing range of the two legs can reach 12 degrees, and there will be no sense of blessing when wearing for a long time. If you have myopia or hyperopia, you can choose several other optical versions, because it uses the universal lens inlay technology, so you can easily go to the optician to match glasses.

It is precisely because of the simple and fashionable nature of the appearance design that the Huawei x Gen gle master eyewear II smart glasses have become the favorite of many stars. In the just held annual ceremony of Mr. fashion 2020, the body image of Huawei x Gen gle master eyewear II smart glasses appeared, which once again proved its fashion nature.

Practical function, not tired of playing for a long time

I've been in touch with some other smart glasses before, such as the one with a camera on it. Although the function is cool, the practicability is not high, and there will be no freshness over time.

Huawei x generic master eye II smart glasses: long life, musical instrument

But Huawei's x-century eyewear II smart glasses give me a very different feeling. Its functions are very practical. Take the most common music listening function of smart glasses for example, the Huawei x generic master eyewear II smart glasses equipped with speakers can achieve excellent sound quality and sound effect. The two legs of the glasses are equipped with semi open speakers and 128mm2 ultra-thin large amplitude speakers, so that the wearer can get an immersive sound effect experience. The new reverse sound field acoustic system, combined with volume adaptive technology, can effectively reduce the leakage of sound, with a maximum reduction of 12dB, which can effectively guarantee personal privacy while enjoying music or answering phone calls!

And it can play music for 5 hours or talk for 3.5 hours when it is fully charged, and the sunglasses can be used for 1-2 days without any problem; After the power is exhausted, the glasses can be charged by the contactless NFC wireless fast charging technology when they are put in the box.