Smart glasses innovation and entrepreneurship plan

Smart glasses refer to the wearable glasses devices with independent operating system, which can realize various functions through software installation, just like smart phones. In fact, smart glasses are a high-tech product. It needs a lot of R & D strength to realize smart glasses. In the smart glasses scheme of Internet of things, smart glasses can complete the functions of adding schedule, map navigation, interacting with friends, taking photos and videos, and making video calls with friends through voice or action control.

The functions of smart glasses are as follows:

The first is GPS navigation. We all know that mobile phones have navigation function, so many people will use mobile phones to navigate while driving, but using mobile phones while driving will be distracting and dangerous. At this time, if you wear smart glasses, then the problem can be solved. Smart glasses can not only find the direction in advance, but also accept voice navigation;

Secondly, the development of smart phones has brought good news to doctors. Because the smart glasses can let the doctor check the patient's physical condition at any time, and even know the specific operation position of the patient who needs surgery, how to operate to prevent mistakes, etc;

In addition, it has a high-resolution display, a built-in camera that can take 5 megapixel photos and 720p videos, wireless network connection, WiFi and Bluetooth, and 12gb available memory. Battery life up to 1 day, and equipped with micro USB connection and charger.

How to say, the glasses industry has always been a circle that recognizes brands and contacts. If you have this convenient idea, it is suggested to go to the glasses exhibition to look for opportunities. It's not impossible for you to use the resources of the existing company, because you're majoring in glasses design (now you don't do it any more). I don't feel good. I hope you can succeed.

Smart glasses look like high-tech products. They are displayed on the curved screen of glasses just like smart phones.

At present, there are few enterprises developing smart glasses solutions. For specific content, refer to the smart glasses solutions of Yingtang Zhongchuang, and develop an independent operating system. The basic function is to install applications like smart phones. The more difficult ones are voice control, gesture recognition and eye tracking.