Small size and high power, I have everything you want?

With the development of mobile phone charging technology, the charging power of mainstream mobile phones has reached more than 30W, and oppo series even thousand yuan machines are equipped with 65W charging power as standard. The mobile phone circle, apple series, still sticks to less than 30W, while some flagship models of brands have reached 120W. Mobile phones have entered the era of fast charging, and high power output is obviously inseparable from an excellent charging machine When the power reaches above 30W, the volume of the charging head is usually very large. With the development of Gan technology, the former huge charging module can be made very small. Today, let's see a charger with small volume, complete interfaces and power up to 65W.

|This charger doesn't come with a power cord. Because it is equipped with a variety of interfaces, it is suitable for all the mobile phone charging wires on the market. First of all, let's go through the accessories. There's no need to say more about the common instructions.

|In addition, there are also a few cartoon stickers attached, which is relatively rare. The attached circular stickers can be pasted on the computer a side and other places. The patterns of several stickers are quite good-looking. Let's take a look at the charger body.

|The one I started with is white. In addition, there is a black one. The whole charger has the style of zhengtuo at a glance. The whole machine adopts the striped design, so it looks more hard core.

The charger body and plug end are made of different materials. The plug end is made of polished surface, while the whole body is made of frosted surface. The logo of zhengtuo is made of embedded polished surface, which looks very textural.

This charger uses a foldable plug, so it's more convenient to carry and store. It's well received to do this design in a small size, and the charging protocol of this charger is very rich.

The three output interfaces include common charging protocols on the market. The configuration of the interfaces is very complete. However, it is rare to have USBA interfaces in this volume. In addition, there are two type-C interfaces, and the maximum output power is 65W.

It may not be a concept to talk about small size. Let's compare it with the MacBook pro65w charger. It can be seen that compared with the MacBook Pro charger, the volume is less than half of its size. With the same power, there are more charging protocols, more interfaces, and the volume can be so small.

Finally, to sum up, the price of this charger is not cheap. At the beginning, I was a little worried about whether it is necessary to spend so much money to buy a charger. But after using it, I found that it is still very convenient, not to mention that it is much smaller than the 65W charger of the computer. In the past, I had to take at least two chargers to go out, which is very advantageous It's a three port fast charger. When it's used as a whole, when charging the computer, the heat is much larger than that of the original 65W, because the small size and heat dissipation will certainly have an impact. Its appearance is one of the more eye-catching products of the same kind, which can be considered according to your own needs.