Should I use a 5W charger or a 20W charger for iPhone 12?

Let's first draw a conclusion. Don't worry about boldly using 20W fast charging. Apple has been very restrained in designing and promoting new technologies. Compared with Android camp, it has been using fast charging for many years, and the power is bigger and bigger. I believe Apple's design and implementation will only be better than Android for the same electronic components.

The impact of normal use of 20W charger on the battery is far less than the usual bad habit of using the mobile phone, such as the habit of playing large-scale mobile games while charging. Its essence is that running the app that consumes a lot of resources while charging will make the mobile phone hot. When charging, it will be thrown under the quilt or clothes, and the battery will soon get hot, and the temperature will be too high or too low The battery life is greatly affected.

Airpods can be recharged with a 20W charger. According to my own usage habits, I will use the charger of my mobile phone. Here's the official screenshot.