Setting up a home and charging a mobile phone without any place

I don't know if you have the same feeling as me. When you get in the driver's seat, you don't know where to put your mobile phone. Some high-end or new models generally consider the location of mobile phones. My 2018 model of Xiaosu Teng doesn't have such a special location. It's very uncomfortable when charging and Carplay.

I have bought at least three types of mobile phone bracket before:

The first two models were used in the Geely free ship car that I bought when I was just working. The first model directly lost the "low-key" interior (plastic) color of my suction cup after the summer. The second model was melted in the car in the summer. Yes, you read it correctly. As a result, the new car never touched these two types of brackets again.

The third one looks very normal, but the clip at the air outlet looks like this. It doesn't take long for it to loosen. It often falls off with the mobile phone, especially when it's used for navigation. The mobile phone "Duang" falls off, and the mentality explodes. In the end, it's hard to escape the fate of recyclable garbage.

Finally determined to step in place, buy a mobile phone bracket that can be wireless charging by the way.

Open the box to dry

The outer packaging of the mobile phone bracket for the wireless charging of MOMAX adopts the color matching of black, white and blue. The full English tells us that it is a practitioner of double cycle at home and abroad.

The internal packaging adopts a two-layer structure, the upper layer is the main body of the wireless charging mobile phone bracket, and the lower layer is the accessories.

Take a picture of the whole family, including other product introduction, data cable, manual, cigarette lighter charging head, wireless charging mobile phone bracket, and universal air outlet clip.

Qc3.0 fast charging car charger provides 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a, 12V / 1.5A and 5V / 2.4a output, which can directly provide fast charging for Android devices supporting qc3.0 protocol.

The universal ball is combined with the wireless charging mobile phone bracket, and the mobile phone bracket can be opened by touching the position shown by the small red circle in the figure. The wireless charging board adopts the design of high gloss mirror, and is also pasted with a protective film, which is highly praised for the details.

user's experience
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The strength of the clip is enough. It takes a little effort to open the clip.

There is a small tail hook at the end of the clip, which fully ensures the stability of the wireless charging bracket. Mom no longer has to worry about my mobile phone falling off when I drive. At the same time, the barrier of universal ball and clip can keep the distance between the wireless charging board and the air outlet, ensuring that the charging board will not be "too hot in winter and too cold in summer".

The mirror design is online, and the material is easy to be stained with fingerprints. However, in practice, few fingers touch the wireless charging board, and only the mobile phone is in close contact with the charging board. In addition, remember to remove the protective film before use.

Main machine 8p easy board, gravity induction automatic clamping.

The 256g XSM I just received for my mother can support most 4.7-6.7-inch mobile phones.

Both xsmax and 8p can be easily clamped. In order to verify the stability of the clamp, I specially crossed the mobile phone. There was no problem in the actual measurement, which was quite tight.
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The length of the data cable is just enough to reach the air outlet of the front passenger, so not only the rear passengers, but also the front passenger can have a mobile phone bracket that can watch video. The key is that it can also be charged.

When the engine is off, the bracket will be powered off. After the power is off, it can be opened 2-3 times. Of course, if you sit in the car for a long time, you still have to start the car to take down the mobile phone.

As the metal key of the release phone is below, you can only hold the lower part of the phone and take off the phone. It is very important to choose a position that is in line with the operating habits on the air outlet as far as possible. summary
iPhone 12 charger cable
It's time to sum up again. The basic demand for purchasing the mobile wireless charging mobile phone bracket of MOMAX is a mobile phone bracket. At the same time, it also takes into account the charging demand of the mobile phone. The "black technology" (in fact, it's not a black LA) with high color value of the charging board and intensified gravity sensing can give a show to the co driver's friends.

But where to hide the data line is a headache after all. The line of dash cam can be hidden, but the line of wireless charging board has no place to hide. It would be better if the data cable could be designed in the form of "self storage". In addition, it's a pity that the Apple device can only provide 7.5W output, but it's better than the ancestral Wufu Yian. Another thing is cheaper. Ha ha. That's it this time. Goodbye, guys~