Self made charging base, very creative, very convenient for apple and Android phone circle friends

At present, there are plenty of charging bases for apple and Android mobile phones on the market, but few products can charge them at the same time. Today, Wang Wenhui, a carpenter in Dandong, Liaoning Province, shared a self-made charging base, which is very creative, well-made and convenient for those who have apple and Android phones.

Main materials:

Blood sandalwood block, two data lines, C clip, grinder, polishing machine, woodworking chisel, sandpaper, glue, pencil, etc. (please reply "tools" in the home page to enter the carpenter circle micro shop).

Production steps:

Today's carpenter circle (micro signal: mujiangquan) brings a tutorial on the production of multi-functional charging base. This mobile phone charging base realizes the two in one function of Apple mobile phone and Android mobile phone, charging data transmission, arbitrary conversion. DIY manual production, materials for blood sandalwood, as well as two data lines, a number of tools, the following describes the production process.

Step 1: carefully blanking

First, use a pencil to draw the rudiment of the mobile phone charging base on the blood sandalwood block. Then use the table saw to cut out the general shape, and draw a line on the side to determine the angle of the mobile phone. Then, hand-held wood blocks are polished with a grinder, and the rough shape can be polished flat.

Step 2: make slider

First of all, cut off the data cable, peel off the skin, and polish the head. It should be as small as possible and the size should be consistent. Four different color lines, two power supply, two data transmission. The wire is very thin, peeling is to pay attention not to break or bare wire, easy to cause short circuit in the future.

Then, use wood to fix and glue the charging plug firmly, and polish it into a cuboid. Make sure the angle is straight and the face is flat. This is the key. The angle of the plug should be determined. The angle of the plug determines the angle of the slot in the future. The distance between the two plugs is also crucial. It can't be too small. Too small will cause the mobile phone to be plugged in. Too large will make the slot at the bottom bigger. As a result, the entire charging stand has to be done a lot. It also increases a lot of work. Blood sandalwood is hardwood, so it's difficult to make it.

Finally, drill a hole under the slider, not too deep, never destroy the data line, otherwise you can only start from the beginning, use the lathe to turn a small cylinder, stick firmly, easy to slide.

Step 3: manual slotting

The slot on the bottom is the track of the slider, and the slot on the top is inserted into the mobile phone. The size of the slider determines the size of the bottom groove. Although it will be sealed in the end, the inner wall should also be polished, otherwise it will affect the sliding of the slider in the process of use, or it will be too tight or too loose. The width of the upper slot can be determined according to the average thickness of the mobile phone. The current smart phones are not very thick. To take into account the factors of the mobile phone cover, it can be a little wider. Punch a hole in the middle of the tail, and the diameter of the hole is consistent with the data line.

Just like a life was born in my hands, some young, some thin, with the passage of time, the hand temperature and air oxidation, will gradually become mature and stable. When I was making it, I often thought that decades later, when a child asked me what I was doing, I would have to explain that with the rapid development of science and technology, the mobile phone would not know what it was like, and the charger would have disappeared long ago. In another sense, it records this era.