Say goodbye to a pile of messy data cables! Mobile phone, computer, headset charging, with it all done

The more electronic products there are, the more efficient they are.

In particular, the intelligent devices that can produce linkage between Apple products can make you fall into an intelligent and efficient life that can not be separated.

But the lack of electricity has also become a big problem for modern people.

In addition to cell phone addiction, modern people also have a psychological disorder called "low battery anxiety disorder".

Therefore, the accessories technology with strong compatibility and fast charging arises at the historic moment.

Apple's official fast charging head is 18W, while the recently recommended tegic x share Gan charging head can directly reach 90W.


In addition to supporting a full range of iPhone fast charging, it also supports a variety of mainstream electronic devices, such as high-power laptops, Android camp switch hosts with more powerful fast charging technology, etc.


No longer have to go out with a pile of charging head, compact patch panel will also be relieved.


All your charging needs are covered by this charger.


Go out to work, the atmosphere group can't do without it


What kind of infrastructure does it take to be a Starbucks atmosphere group? MacBook, iPhone, and airpods that promise to insulate themselves from the rest of the world.

And Starbucks atmosphere group can't leave in a cup of coffee. You need at least half a day's office time to knock words, hold a video conference, regularly reply to mobile phone messages intermittently, sip coffee with a little thought as break, and then start the typing cycle.

If you don't have a charging cable, you can't spend half a day outside the office like a good member of the atmosphere group.


But take all the charging wires with you. The bag is in a mess.

It can be solved by a 90W tegic x share joint name Gan charging head + Dayan snake multi head fast charging line.

The tegic big rock snake data cable is especially easy to use because of its "double head four interface" design.

Through two converter heads, the two type-C interfaces at both ends can be changed into lighting interface or USB interface.

So different interface types of equipment charging can be done with this wire.

The combination of tegic x share and Gan charging head + Dayan snake multi head fast charging line can basically charge the mobile phone.

It's also OK to charge the airpods. It can even convert the interface of big rock snake data cable to charge the computer. It's OK to switch to type-C to charge the camera.


Say goodbye to the four messy charging wires and take them out. A set of charging head can solve the charging demand of electronic equipment commonly used in the market. It's not good to go out without it.

iPhone 12 charger

However, it is worth noting that because this is a multi interface data cable, there is no MFI authentication.


For me, this multi-purpose fast charging head set is in demand. When I go out, I finally don't have to carry a bunch of data cable packages. A charging head and a matching fast charging data cable are enough.

Even if you have a friend with obsessive-compulsive disorder, you can replace it with your daily office desktop. One can top three, and you can say goodbye to the messy desktop. It's very simple and easy to use. You can use a charging head.

90W fast charge, even high power computer can meet

Let's talk about the crazy 90W fast charge.

20-45w is basically enough for the charging demand of a mobile phone, 65W can barely charge the laptop, and 90W fast charging is also enough for high-power computers.

Gan Gan chargers are the trend in the past two years, and are popular with Xiaomi and apple.

It is a direct gap semiconductor.

The electron mobility of this material is much higher than that of traditional materials, the same volume can achieve higher power conversion, and the efficiency is very high, heat resistance is strong.

Simply put, Gan Gan is used as the material of the charging head, which has smaller volume under the same power and higher power under the same volume.

Therefore, it is smaller and lighter than the 61W charger of MacBook Pro, with higher charging efficiency and easy to take out.

The tegic 90W Gan charging head includes two usb-c interfaces supporting blind insertion (the maximum output power is 90W), and one usb-a interface (the maximum output power is 60W).

When the three interfaces are fully loaded at the same time, the total power can reach 84w, of which the usb-c1 port only enjoys 60W power, and the remaining 24W power is enough for other devices.

Apple Charger Cable

One charging head, even three devices at the same time, the important thing is that it can realize fast charging. It's too cool.


After these get, we are concerned about the question: will fast charging reduce the service life of the battery?

 Apple Charger Cable

In this regard, plaything king would like to say that the battery is a consumer, and it will affect and wear, but compared with the charging speed, the charging habit is more likely to affect the battery life.


The battery power is often too full or too low, it is easy to affect the battery life, but the impact of fast charging on the battery is not so big. So when you use the mobile phone, try to keep the mobile phone battery at about 80% of the size. It also has the same excellence as before:


Support 100-240V wide voltage output. Friends who often go abroad don't have to go to the transformer any more. It's always available, and charging troubles can be easily solved.