Samsung mobile phone perfect: dianyou 45W fast charging charger

With the development of science and technology, the screen of mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger, the resolution and refresh rate are getting higher and higher, and the resulting endurance problem has always been a pain point for mobile phone users. In order to solve this problem, the fast charging of various protocols arises at the historic moment, and the charging experience with shorter time and faster speed can solve the problem of insufficient endurance of mobile phone to a certain extent.

For the Samsung NOTE10 that you use, the 6.3 inch dynamic AMOLED display is equipped with 3500mAh lithium battery. If you use it lightly, you can stick to it for a day. But now, you can use the brush, WeChat, tiktok and Taobao frequently, and you need 2 charging a day. Samsung started with note10 +, improved the charging rate, and can support up to 45W power. However, Samsung's fast charging protocol is quite special, requiring a PD charger with PPS function to support 45W. Consumers should pay attention to this when choosing. Today's elecjet 45W PD fast charging charger is a perfect match for Samsung mobile phones.

In terms of brand, dianyou Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is a global registered brand of consumer charging under Shenzhen warm life Co., Ltd., focusing on fast charging mobile power supply, charger, solar charger, data cable and other charging related peripheral products. Making "friends" with "electricity" is the core brand original intention of elecjet, which is committed to providing users with hard needs and pain points to solve multi scene mobile charging through the exclusive fast charging core technology of elecjet. As soon as you listen to this brand, you will know that it is a professional manufacturer of charging products.

Friends who are familiar with the brand of dianyou are very familiar with the blue and white packaging, which has the brand identity. Although the matching PD fast charging line adopts plastic packaging, it also continues the same style. The front of the box is marked with Samsung note10 +, C-Port laptop and swicth, which is simple and intuitive.

On the back, the input specifications and supported fast charging protocols are introduced in detail. Most of the protocols such as PD, QC and PPS on the market can support it, and the maximum output power can reach 45W.

Different from the currently popular frosted shell on the market, the 45W PD fast charger of dianyou adopts a bright black shell. The overall appearance value is still very high. The disadvantage is that it is easy to collect fingerprint sweat on the surface, and the shell needs to be cleaned frequently.

The size of the 60 * 60 * 29mm is very thick, and the materials are very solid, which is similar to the volume of elecjet's 65W Gan charger in use.

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The foldable pin makes it more convenient to carry and use. The details of the product are always good. In the plug-in surface, the output specifications of the product are marked with delicate words, so that the normal use can be understood at a glance.

The difference is that for other ordinary chargers, 45W PD fast charging has only one output port of typec. The matching PD line is also very thick, and the wire is very thick, which can support 5A current at most. What is particularly humanized is that there is a self-adhesive strapping belt at one end of the wire, which can be very simple to sort out the wire, making the use more clean.

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Generally speaking, the 45W PD fast charging can basically meet the needs of most mobile phones, tablets, some laptops and swicth devices on the market, and the overall application scenarios are very wide.

The maximum power of Samsung note10 in use is 25W. In addition to the test with other mobile phones, elecjet dianyou 45W PD fast charging charger performs very well. In terms of mobile phone charging, it is comparable to 65W Gan charger.

Again, the charging line is very important when charging. Many of the charging lines I used can only reach 5V charging voltage, which can not effectively play the role of the charger. However, with the PD line, there is no need to worry about it.

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In the charging test of Samsung note10, the voltage is 9.02v and the current is 1.55a, which successfully matches the qc3.0 standard.

When tested with Samsung note10 internal software, the charging voltage is 4.2V and the current is 3.73a. Because of the bright screen test, the data is much better than that of the normal screen.

In the test of Huawei p20pro, the voltage is 4.96v and the current is 1.52a, which successfully matches the qc2.0 standard.

In the charging test of a brand of mobile power supply supporting fast charging, the voltage is 11.6v and the current is 1.22a, which is quite good.
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After one week's experience, the achievements of elecjet 45W PD fast charging charger are not much different from that of the 65W Gan charger in use. Moreover, under the high-intensity use, the charger does not overheat. It has passed various safety certification standards such as IEC and EPS level VI, which shows that elecjet has done a very good job in overall safety and quality control, If you have Samsung mobile phones, elecjet 45W PD fast charging charger is highly recommended.

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