Samsung Galaxy S20 series becomes the first smart phone certified by USB fast charging

Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the first smart phone to be certified by USB implementers Forum (usb-if). The forum is a leading organization in USB technology. The certification proves that the galaxy S20 series supports the programmable power supply (PPS) function of USB power delivery (USB PD) 3.0 specification. This feature enables smart phones to better manage heat when charging, thus providing consumers with a faster charging experience. In addition, USB fast charger certified chargers are backward compatible with devices that support USB type-C and USB PD.

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The verge explained that in order for fast chargers to work as expected, they need to be powered at the specific voltage and current required by the device, and that both chargers and mobile phones need to be able to communicate. If they can't do that, chargers and phones will default to lower charging rates.

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Samsung S20 and S20 plus support fast charging up to 25W, while S20 ultra supports charging up to 45W. You still need a powerful charger, but with the development of fast charging technology, these chargers will become more common. Last year, Samsung released two new usb-c power transfer (PD) controller chips for power adapters, which support charging up to 100W and meet the usb-pd 3.0 specification, providing the best power for each device.

S20 + and S20 ultra will be available in the United States on March 6. Samsung promises that the phone will include more 5g support and impressive camera settings.