Safe quick charging charger plug, solve your charging trouble

Do you often encounter the charger is not easy to use, an hour to charge a few grid of electricity, anxious to go out, mobile phone power, charger charging is slow, it is very distressed. At this time, most people will choose to buy the original charger matched with the mobile phone. Although the original charger is very easy to use, it is too expensive. It only matches their own mobile phone and can't be used with their family. At this time, an easy-to-use and universal charger plug should appear.

In fact, charger plug is not only the original easy to use, there are many cheap and fast charging plug. With the progress of the times, a small charger plug will have many functions, fast charging, compatible, intelligent and safe, these are essential. Today, I'd like to recommend some safe and fast charging charger plugs.


This Huawei plug can be used in a variety of mobile phones, Android and apple are universal, and the compatibility is not limited. The built-in intelligent chip can automatically identify the charging power of different devices and output the adaptive current, so that you don't need to choose the charger plug for other devices. One plug can solve the charging problem of multiple devices. Who said Apple phone can only use Apple plug, this Huawei plug can also solve the problem of Apple charging!

Huawei Super Charge fast charger

When charging, the phone is hot, so afraid it will cause damage to the phone so that it can not play while charging. This Huawei plug internal intelligent chip can adjust power and reduce temperature when the temperature is too high. The shell adopts high fire-proof material, which can prevent accidents, be safe and reliable, and can ensure long-term stability, and make you play mobile phones safely when charging.

Oppovoc flash charging is believed to be heard by all. This flash charge is oppo. The hottest advertising word for oppo mobile phone is charging for five minutes, two hours of call, which means this vooc flash charging. This flash charge is suitable for all oppo models. The new generation of flash charging has a great improvement in the appearance, stability and service life of the product, which only brings you a more efficient charging experience.

Oppo flash plug

Charge at night afraid of overcharge? Also afraid of over-voltage and over-current and other risks? This charger plug can solve these problems completely, and provide you with seven charge protection, so you can charge safely. Overcharge protection can effectively prevent battery overcharge. Charging overnight will not worry about overcharge of mobile phone, so you can charge more safely!

Qualcomm qc3.0

Generally, there is only one socket for charging plug, and the plug-in is not enough. It is not allowed to plug two mobile phones at the same time. This high pass qc3.0 charging head brings you two charging sockets. The plug is not enough or worry. Two sockets are charged at the same time, and it is convenient to carry out the door. Only one charging plug is available for both devices.

High pass qc3.0 British fast charging power plug

Automatic identification equipment can match the current required by the equipment to charge the mobile phone, and charge more power for the mobile phone in a shorter time without damaging the battery. Make your charging faster and safer, and no longer afraid of battery damage and other problems!
iPhone Charger Cable

The safety hazard brought by long-term overcharge to mobile phones, repeated charging, etc., lead to a sudden drop in battery endurance, and in less than a day, the battery is becoming more and more durable. That is, you have not used the bull charging plug. Bull automatic power off plug, when the phone is full of power, it will automatically power off, so you don't need to worry about the phone charging when you sleep. Goodbye to get up and pull the plug in the middle of the night, and sleep more steadfast.

Bull automatic power off charger head

iPhone Charger Adapter

The smaller and smaller body, the girl can wrap it with one hand, and it is convenient to travel and travel. There are two buttons on the plug, which can switch different states with one button. Click it to start the anti overcharge function. When full, the lamp will be turned off automatically and the power will be cut off automatically. It is safe but not filled.

The above several charging plugs will bring you unexpected charging speed. Don't hesitate. Go and see it!