Price strategy of smart glasses

Intelligent virtual reality VR glasses do FCC certification this is very simple, but different levels of laboratory also have different price strategy, you know, so 5K ~ 15K range.

FCC is the abbreviation of the Federal Communications Commission and the abbreviation of the compulsory certification system for electronic products in the United States. It is divided into three categories: ID, DOC and VOC.

At present, China's glasses industry competition is fierce, and the competition is not standardized!!!

To carry on the brand strategy, we should first subdivide the target consumers and plan strictly according to the marketing 4P and 4S!!!

Specific planning is complicated, but we must pay attention to the role of people!!!

Eye industry is not only the most profitable industry, but also the most non-standard industry. The price outlet is too big. If you want to get a foothold in this industry, you should pay attention to the price and quality in the first stage. At the same time, you should do some public service advertisements, which must be related to your glasses or related topics to attract your attention, and most of its consumer groups should be students, I think we should start from the perspective of students, attract them from the price, quality and style, and provide some corresponding free services and attractive after-sales services, It's better to set up a special counter in some large eye stores and invite professionals to promote for you. Of course, the budget for the first investment should be well done first

If the development is difficult and the technology is high, then the cost of the intelligent eye mask will be high. If the function is simple and there is no app and other software development, then the cost will be very low.

For example, the intelligent eye mask scheme of UU crowdsourcing has the functions of sleep rhythm regulation, sleeping in dark environment, intelligent sleep monitoring, daily sleep report, use scenarios, etc.

As the carrier of emerging augmented reality technology, smart glasses can make people have different visual experience through VR technology. While enjoying the benefits brought by advanced technology, we must also admit that compared with ordinary glasses, it has a relatively high cost. Take Epson smart glasses for example, which is equipped with silicon crystal OLED panel. Due to the panel structure, the light guide direction can be changed, and the size of the lens and the light guide plate can be greatly reduced. The head device only weighs 69g, and it is not easy to be tired when worn for a long time, so it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. With this advantage alone, we can realize that smart glasses are by no means the level of mass consumption. But then again, smart glasses are more expensive, but consumers can consider them from the perspective of cost performance, so they won't feel very expensive.

The forgery of hardware, software and algorithm is not cheap, but this is the trend, and it is also to meet the needs of police officers to solve the problem at present. With the upgrading of technology in the future, the functions will be more and more complete.

As far as I know, it seems that the price of the general monitor – Huawei eyewear is similar to that of most GM glasses, but the exact price has not been given yet, because this one has not been put on the market yet. I heard that it will be put on the market this summer, so I can know the specific price by then. I'm looking forward to it~