Price of smart glasses

As the carrier of emerging augmented reality technology, smart glasses can make people have different visual experience through VR technology. While enjoying the benefits brought by advanced technology, we must also admit that compared with ordinary glasses, it has a relatively high cost. Take Epson smart glasses for example, which is equipped with silicon crystal OLED panel. Due to the panel structure, the light guide direction can be changed, and the size of the lens and the light guide plate can be greatly reduced. The head device only weighs 69g, and it is not easy to be tired when worn for a long time, so it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. With this advantage alone, we can realize that smart glasses are by no means the level of mass consumption. But then again, smart glasses are more expensive, but consumers can consider them from the perspective of cost performance, so they won't feel very expensive.

Everything is good or bad. Everything has its own height. Smart glasses are no exception. There are expensive ones and cheaper ones. It depends on whether you need better or cheaper ones. I personally suggest that you buy better glasses, because the eyes are very important organs of our human body, so we should protect them,

The price range of smart glasses is very large, which is related to the performance of smart glasses. I bought an Epson smart glasses, the price is not cheap, but the effect is very good, when playing games, I feel personally.

Smart glasses, also known as smart glasses, refers to "like smart phones, with independent operating system, smart glasses can be installed by the user software, games and other software service providers to provide the program.". Smart glasses can add schedule, map navigation, interact with friends, take photos and videos, and make video calls with friends through voice or action control, and can realize wireless network access through mobile communication network. It is learned that Microsoft has disclosed a number of patents for products similar to Google glasses. Google announced its product development plan, aiming to facilitate the future testing of Google glasses with strange appearance in public places. In terms of current product design alone, Google glasses includes a parallel frame that can be placed horizontally above the bridge of the nose, a wide strip computer on the right side of the frame, and a transparent display screen. In general, the appearance will never be like the design of traditional glasses that we usually understand.

In terms of price, the cheap ones are all based on smart phones. In fact, there is no intelligence to speak of. What's more, the high-end ones are Sogou glasses, which can't be accepted by the public. The second is Android system, which is the public's familiarity and universality with Android; Furthermore, the higher the resolution of the plane, the less damage to the glasses. To sum up, we suggest that you pay more attention to cancer products, which is a practical product with the advantages of many families.

In the second half of this year, Google is preparing to sell its smart glasses in the United States. In China, the public will have to wait until 2014 at least. In the United States, it will sell for 1500 US dollars. In China, if it can be listed successfully, the official guidance price will not be less than 10000 yuan. It is sold in China. It is estimated that it will be listed in July 2013 and can only be ordered. The price is 1000 US dollars, about 6500 RMB.