Play while you're charging, enjoy yourself wirelessly! Xiaomi vertical wireless charger experience

My millet mix 2S is equipped with two wireless chargers. One is the white 20W millet wireless charger that I bought when I bought my mobile phone, which I used at home. The other is the black 10W millet wireless charger (universal fast charging) that I bought later, which I used in my unit. I have to say that the feeling of wireless charging is good. It's very convenient to put it down and use it when I pick it up. Recently, Xiaomi mall has launched a new Xiaomi vertical wireless charger, which subverts the traditional disc shape of the wireless charger. Let's have a taste!

From the product packaging, we can see that this is a Xiaomi product, with white as the main color, product effect picture on the front, orange Xiaomi logo on the upper right corner, simple and fashionable. The "20W" logo on the lower left and the "double coil" logo on the lower right are particularly eye-catching, highlighting the characteristics of the product.

The spare parts list of the product includes a charger, a charging cable, and a thin operation manual. There is no standard power adapter, which reflects its green and environmental protection concept. However, attention should be paid to the selection of power adapter. 5V / 1A adapter is not allowed. Only 27W and above qc3.0 adapter can support 20W Wireless Flash charging.

The size of Xiaomi vertical wireless charger is 109.7 * 91 * 91mm. It adopts a vertical structure similar to the mobile phone bracket. The charging panel has a slightly inclined elevation angle and the whole body is black. It looks like a standing power bank.

The charging panel is made of PC environment-friendly material, which is environment-friendly and durable. A lightning sign is designed on the surface of the charging panel to support wireless flash charging. According to the product introduction, it also supports intelligent FOD foreign body detection, which can avoid potential safety hazards caused by misplacement of metal articles.

The convex part under the charging panel is not only the clamping device for placing the mobile phone, but also a charging status indicator. When the mobile phone is placed on the charging panel, the green light will be on when charging, and it will be off when not in use.

Xiaomi vertical wireless charger adopts the minimalist design concept. Although it is very simple from all directions, the combination of plane and curved surface and the treatment of bright surface and matte make it quite artistic.

The base of the charger is round, and the outermost circle is designed with anti-skid silica gel pad. When the charger is placed vertically, it can closely fit the desktop and is not easy to slide.

Both the Xiaomi vertical wireless charger and the white Xiaomi wireless charger support 20W Wireless Flash charging, while the black Xiaomi wireless charger only supports 10W wireless fast charging. However, my Xiaomi mix 2S can only support 7.5W wireless charging, so there is little difference between them.

Xiaomi 9 Pro supports 20W Wireless Flash charging. According to the official introduction, using Xiaomi vertical wireless charger can charge 50% of Xiaomi 9 pro in 35 minutes, which is not much slower than wired charging. The sensing distance less than 4mm makes it easy to charge the mobile phone with a protective cover, which will not affect the wireless sensing and charging speed.

In the past, charging a mobile phone with a wireless charger can only be placed horizontally, and no operation can be carried out during the charging process. However, using the millet vertical wireless charger is different. The mobile phone is placed vertically instead of horizontally, which does not delay the unlocking screen of face recognition. It is very convenient to brush micro blog, brush friends circle, and buy things online.

Xiaomi vertical wireless charger adopts double coil design. When charging, the mobile phone can not only be placed vertically, but also horizontally, giving users more choices.

When charging, you can easily watch the video and play games by placing the mobile phone horizontally. In a word, you can treat it as a mobile phone bracket. Charging is just a incidental thing, which is completed unconsciously.

Xiaomi vertical wireless charger is not dedicated to Xiaomi mobile phone, but a general-purpose wireless charger, compatible with most of the wireless charging devices on the market. In a word, you can use Xiaomi vertical wireless charger to charge horizontally, vertically, with shell, fast, relax, and play while you want, and the price is no higher than the ordinary 20W wireless charger There are many electrical appliances, which is still 99 yuan. The cost performance and playability are higher. It is a small equipment that can improve the sense of happiness.