Optimization of fruit powder -- Bess super Si super silicon fast charging charger

As a "fanatical" enthusiast of electronic products, I have never participated in many product launches, and iphone12 is not the ideal mobile phone in my heart (because I am poor), but I can't stop following the trend.

Because this year's iPhone 12 supports 20W's PD fast charging, in name no longer has the charging head for the environmental protection, and the old "five happiness one security" finally won't let you make complaints about it! 20W fast charging head is the current fashion, iPhone 12 can not afford, but 20W charging speed also need to experience!

Baseus, a well-known consumer electronics brand, has recently released a 20W fast charging charger suitable for iPhone 12 - Bess super Si super silicon fast charging charger.

Super silicon is a kind of silicon-based material, which has advantages in density, thermal conductivity and efficiency conversion. The charger with super silicon technology can theoretically achieve smaller volume and higher charging efficiency. The last generation of Gan materials is also the first mass production of Beisi, and this time the application of super silicon is still leading.

1、 Out of the box

The top of the square packing box is equipped with shelf hooks, the front center is the product appearance diagram, the classic yellow baseus brand logo in the upper left corner, and the super silicon logo Si in the lower right corner.

On the back is the use scene of the product and the basic information of the manufacturer, and on the bottom is the anti-counterfeiting QR code and manufacturer's barcode.

There are all kinds of safety signs on the bottom of the box.

The four selling points of the product are marked on the side facade, namely "20W PD fast charging", "multi protocol compatibility", "intelligent identification chip" and "automatic load detection"; the other side is the performance parameter information.

The contents in the packing box are simple. There are only plastic support sleeve and paper card. The paper card contains an instruction manual and a warranty card.

Take out the charger body, the picture shows that the outer layer is covered with frosted plastic film, which plays an anti scratch role. The shell has a white appearance, the surface is matte, and the corners are smooth transition. The front is printed with large 20W and - Super Si - words. The 20W logo is suitable for Apple's 12th generation mobile phone.

The bottom is a fixed GB pin, and the charger parameter information is marked on the shell
Model: cccjgcc
Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.8A
Output: 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 9v2a, 12v1.67a, 15v1.3a
Shenzhen Shishang Chuangzhan Technology Co., Ltd

Producer: Dongguan Jinying Electronics Co., Ltd

In the middle of the output end face of the product is a usb-c interface. There is a circle of metal ring decoration around the interface, which makes it more delicate and has a good texture.

Compared with the first generation gallium nitride 65W product produced by Beisi, the whole body of super silicon 20W product is smaller and the length is shorter by more than half.

Compared with Apple's "five blessing and one safety" mobile phones, it should be said that they are relatively small and durable on the whole, and their appearance conforms to the aesthetic standard. Use the special gold ruler for the charging head net to measure. The dimensions of the charger are 41mmx32mmx28mm, and the dimensions are shown in the figure.

It is understood that this size should belong to the 30W charger specification. The reason why this size is designed is for better heat dissipation, avoiding too high temperature rise, easy to use and durable.

The net weight of the charger is about 45g. It is light and convenient to handle and carry.

2、 Product performance introduction

1. Protocol support

First of all, let's take a look at the protocols theoretically supported by Bess super Si fast charging charger?

Use power-z kt002 detection (charging head network won the prize, changed a suit of coat for free, who knows the glass cover plate was broken by express delivery! So the screen is still naked. The test results show that the output protocol of usb-c port supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5V / 2a, dcp1.5a, qc2.0 / 3.0, qc4.0 +, AFC, FCP, pd3.0 and PPS, that is to say, except for individual private protocols (red), standard fast charging protocols are basically supported.

PDO message display has: 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 12v1.67a, 15v1.33a, 20v1.0a five groups of fixed voltage gear, and 3.3-5.9v/3a and 3.3-11v/2.2a two groups of PPS voltage gear, gear more compatibility is relatively good, Beisi products have always had more compatibility! Of course, it is not ruled out that there will be fights between protocols at individual times, which must be verified by charging measurement.

2. Maximum output power


3. Charging compatibility

Iphonex mobile phone fast charging supports 18W scheme. The actual performance of previous tests is mostly between 13W and 15W. Today, we use Bess super Si charger to charge it, and the peak power is about 15.3w. Although I don't have 12 generations of Apple mobile phone, but look at this performance, there should be no problem in charging the iphone12, which can meet the fast charging demand of 12 generations.

The charging power of Huawei P20, which supports FCP specification, is 5.08v 1.82A 9.27w. In the first protocol test, it clearly supports Huawei's FCP protocol, but here is the performance of 5v2a. This is the result of many C2C lines tested earlier. This should be the reason why Huawei's protocol takes the usb-a to C line.

The seventh generation of iPad air only supports apple 2.4a protocol, so any C-Port fast charging charger can only be the result of the above figure. Take another look at the performance of charging the power bank, which reaches the maximum value of 18W. Charging state of Lenovo Xiaoxin 13pro with 60W charging power: 19.87v 0.8A 15.8w.

When charging Mac Book Pro with 96w charging power, the power performance is 11.9v 1.58a 18.8w.

Of course, these last tests are just for connecting. This 20W super silicon product is made for iphone12. Occasionally, it can be used for both mobile power and Android. It has a strong pertinence, focusing on small and portable, but also cheap.

4. Best use

I don't have so many new mobile phones with different protocols. In order to better illustrate the actual performance of this product, I found the actual charging compatibility and power value of some typical mobile phones from the charging head network.

The flagship models have reached more than 19W, and the 12 generation iPhone is no exception.

The charger specially designed for the iPhone 12 series is fully compatible with the fast charging of the old iPhone, and even takes care of some Android models. Although the charger is positioned to focus on the apple mobile phone market, the careful selection of chips broadens its application scope, and the actual compatibility is obvious to all.


Various types and specifications of chargers on the market are "dazzling", and the publicity is even more complicated. Even if you don't understand PD, QC, AFC, FCP, PPS, Gan, Si and other concepts, you only need to understand that 20W power is the most suitable and can best meet the fast charging needs of iphone12, which is the direction to "Rome"!

Beisi, as a third-party brand, has accurate orientation. Considering the price, portability and other factors, super silicon 20W fast charger is at least a good choice for fruit powder group.