Oppo 50W super flash charger will be on sale tomorrow to promote the popularization of planar transformer

[big bit guide] on December 12, oppo 50W super flash charger will be on sale, which is expected to further promote the popularization of planar transformers.

Oppo announced at a conference last month that it will launch a 50W biscuit charger, which is scheduled to be available tomorrow (December 12).
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The 50W super flash biscuit charger adopts the new charging technology of pulse charging. The 50W super flash biscuit charger has introduced gallium nitride high-frequency switch to reduce the single energy storage demand of the transformer, thus reducing the volume of the transformer, officials said.

As the third generation semiconductor technology, GaN has been widely used in fast charging charger products. At the beginning of this year, 30 manufacturers launched 66 Gan fast charging chargers on ces2020. Due to the introduction of GaN high frequency switch, the size of the transformer is smaller, and more smaller planar transformers are applied to the fast charging charger.
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Planar transformer has many advantages, which are being explored slowly. According to the analysis of industry insiders, from the electrical point of view, planar transformer is composed of a small number of components and a minimum of windings. This kind of module is especially suitable for automatic assembly. Planar transformer is basically manufactured in a fully automatic way. The consistency between different devices is very good, and it has advantages in solving the electromagnetic compatibility problem.
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It is reported that at present, the main domestic companies exploring and developing the application terminal of planar transformer are shunluo electronics, Mingpu optical magnetic, maijie technology, fule League, haiguang, Jialong Haijie, Benci electronics, etc.