One second single hand access, wireless charging intelligent vehicle bracket, a necessary artifact for safe driving!

For drivers, it is inevitable to use mobile phone navigation, check real-time road conditions, answer and make phone calls.

In order to ensure the safe use of mobile phones on the road, the car bracket has become a necessity for drivers.

However, most mobile phone brackets on the market are more or less buggy.

The common magnetic support needs to stick a magnetic sticker on the mobile phone, which not only affects the signal of the mobile phone, but also makes it ugly.

And no clip arm is not stable, and it can rotate and jump easily. After a speed bump, the mobile phone will disappear.

The suction cup bracket with general suction is easy to fall off when it is used for a long time or in case of high temperature. Once the bracket falls off during driving, it will cause driving accidents every minute.

So what should an excellent mobile phone bracket look like?

I asked a lot of drivers around me, and they think it's like this: it should be easy to operate, stable and reliable, support wireless charging, and have a high face value!

I really found the mobile phone bracket that meets so many standards!

It is the Leyi intelligent wireless charging vehicle bracket to be recommended to you today.

Infrared induction, automatic opening and closing, quick single hand access and release in 1 second;

Super stable and strong grip to ensure that the mobile phone will not fall off on bumpy mountain road;

Compatible with 4-6.5 inch IOS / Android wireless charging models;

One set includes suction cup and air outlet, which is very cost-effective;

Bright acrylic panel, high-grade texture is more suitable for your car.

On the way, if you distract yourself more, you will be more dangerous.

The intelligent bracket has infrared sensing, which can open and close automatically in an instant.

When placing it, as long as you hold the mobile phone close to it, its two clamping arms will automatically open.

After the mobile phone fits the bracket panel, the clamping arm will automatically retract and hold tightly.

The operation is also simple when removing it. When the hand is close to it, the clamping arm will open automatically.

As long as 1 second can be completed with one hand to put the action, greatly improving the safety of driving when using the mobile phone.

Its stability is also the best in the field of vehicle bracket.

The grip arms on both sides have super strong grip, so you can hold your mobile phone tightly no matter you cross the deceleration belt, brake hard, or even drive on the bumpy mountain road.
iPhone 12 charger
Although the grip is strong, there is no need to worry about wearing the mobile phone shell, because there is a layer of silicone gasket on its clamping arm, which is as soft as your hand skin to wrap the mobile phone. It can be compatible with almost all 4-6.5 inch models on the market, regardless of height, weight, various sizes, bare metal or with mobile phone case, it can firmly hold your phone.

As we all know, mobile phones use a lot of power to turn on navigation. But it's not only troublesome but also dangerous to use ordinary charging cable in the car.
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Drivers must have had such an experience: driving with a mobile phone on the way, seeing that the mobile phone is out of power, they can only explore the charging wire while driving, and also find out where the charging jack is.

At this time, other vehicles continue to gallop by, you may have a scratch, rear end collision or even more serious accidents if you are a little distracted!

Even if there is no such danger, in case of going out and forgetting to bring the charging cable, it is also very disturbing.

And the wireless charging bracket perfectly solves these problems.

As soon as you put it on, it will start charging automatically.

The charging and navigation can be carried out synchronously, and the cumbersome steps of plugging in and out the charging cable are also saved, which is convenient and safe.

Because of the limitation of charging distance, some wireless chargers have to take off the mobile phone case to use, which is very troublesome.

But it has 6 mm long-distance sensing, even with a thick silicone mobile phone case, it can still charge normally, and the charging speed is as fast as bare metal!