New choice of third party MagSafe

Since I changed the iPhone 12, I have deeply experienced the happiness brought by the fast charging. You know, before LZ, I was a nail holder with 6S. In addition to fast charging, the wireless charging of iPhone 12 is also a great convenience for the daily use of LZ. You can charge your mobile phone by putting it on the wireless charging board. However, you can't enter the wireless charging state every time you put it on the charging board. Especially before you go to bed at night, you often miss the power due to misalignment.

The magnetic charger perfectly solves the problem of inaccuracy. Apple's official MagSafe charger is priced at 329, and u1s1 is not cheap. For those who don't want to spend a "big" price on the original charger like LZ, they will naturally choose to buy a third-party MagSafe.

As a frequent customer of iPhone accessories on the website, ESR products have become one of the choices of many consumers due to their high cost performance. The third-party MagSafe in this article is from ESR yisejia, this yiseya magnetic wireless charging bracket. After several days of use, it is found that it can not only charge, but also be used as a mobile phone bracket, which is very convenient for dual use.

The wireless charging bracket of yiseyazhi magnetic absorption includes three sets, namely, wireless charging bracket, magnetic guiding ring and PD fast charging head

The front of the wireless charging bracket is made of mirror material to avoid scratching the back cover of the iPhone 12. The edge and back of the bracket are similar to frosting treatment, so it has an excellent grip

The thickness of yiseyazhi magnetic suction wireless charging bracket is only about 7mm. To be specific, you can see how thin it is when you put it together with 1 yuan coin. The ultra-thin design also brings ultra light weight

The secret of yiseyazhi magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket is different from the official MagSafe charger. There is a bracket that can be adjusted at a large angle on the back of the bracket. This design of yiseyazhi has an exclusive patent. It doesn't need to be pressed down to be integrated with the wireless charger. When in use, it only needs to be pulled out gently to change the bracket. The end of the bracket is rounded, so that it won't stick even if it is held in the hand

The opening and closing angle range of yiseyazhi magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket is 30 ~ 60 degrees, which can meet the needs of different use scenarios. It can be seen that it can remain stable even at a small angle. Since it is magnetic absorption wireless charging, its magnetic force must not be weak, otherwise it will affect its charging effect if it can not be firmly absorbed during charging. We can see that for the iPhone 12, When Yise Yazhi magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket is adsorbed, the mobile phone will not fall off when it shakes and swings greatly. Even if it is connected to the data line, the mobile phone is still tightly adsorbed by the wireless charging bracket. The reason why the adsorption is so firm is that Yise is equipped with 16 apple magnets of the same type for this bracket, which brings extremely stable adsorption capacity

For a mobile phone with a mobile phone case, the thickness of the mobile phone case will weaken the effect of magnetic attraction. It is no problem to charge normally on the desktop, but when you pick up the wireless charging bracket of the mobile phone, it will slide down. However, it is not difficult to pour out the color of 100 million. The color of 100 million brings a simple and crude solution to this situation, that is, to add the magnetic ring, There's no pressure to charge a mobile phone with a shell properly

For the installation of the magnetic ring, it is not easy to simply paste it. The magnetic ring needs to be cleverly attached to the built-in magnet of iPhone to play a real role. Billion color provides an auxiliary guide piece for the installation of the magnetic ring

For the iPhone 12 series, the auxiliary patch provides three choices, which correspond to 12mini, 12 / 12 pro and 12 Pro Max respectively. The correct positioning can be achieved by selecting the corresponding card slot and inserting it. Just stick the magnetic ring. The final result is as shown in the dynamic picture above, and the ordinary mobile phone shell can also change the magnetic absorption in seconds

The ESR yiseyazhi magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket also has a matching pd20w fast charging head. The fast charging head adopts a frosted shell, and the black color also makes the fast charging head more dirt resistant, avoiding the yellowing phenomenon of Apple's ancestral 5v1a charging head after long-time use

A usb-c port is provided on the front of the 20W fast charging head for charging. From the PD logo below the charging port, we can know that this is a charging head that supports PD protocol

The maximum charging power is 20W. When you charge the iPhone 12, you can find that the handshake 9v2a is successful. Considering that the power of the phone is about 60%, the real-time charging power is low

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Finally, let's see if the wireless charger with bracket of Yise is worth starting with. For the iPhone 12 users who have been using wired charging, using MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charger really gives me a good experience, especially for the traditional desktop wireless charging board, which can't be put accurately at one time, leading to charging failure, MagSafe magnetic wireless charger provides an excellent experience upgrade.

In addition to giving consumers the same experience as the original MagSafe charger at a lower price, Yise Yazhi magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket can also be used as a mobile phone bracket, which allows us to follow the charging process. For the problem that some consumers' mobile phone shells can't absorb charging, Yise also provides the simplest solution, adding a magnetic ring to make the ordinary mobile phone shell magnetic absorption mobile phone shell. In terms of charging, it supports all series of iphone12 mobile phones, with a maximum power of 15W, which can charge quickly without damaging the mobile phone.

If you want to experience the wireless fast charging, and also want to play with your mobile phone while charging, the 19.8 billion color Yazhi magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket is a good choice.

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