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For many female friends and friends who love fashion mobile phones, this oppofindx3 mobile phone is undoubtedly another high-end flagship 5g mobile phone. So what are the selling points of this mobile phone? Nowadays, more and more mobile phone manufacturers begin to reduce the mobile phone camera from four cameras to three cameras, but this oppofindx3pro still keeps four cameras. The lenses are 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, 50 megapixel wide angle, 13 megapixel long focus and 60 times microscope. Some people say that a 100 megapixel mobile camera is enough, and this oppofindx3pro mobile phone is sincere enough to raise the resolution of the dual main camera to 1 billion colors. Adhering to the principle of good "shooting" in pairs, it adopts 50 megapixel 1 / 1.56 dual main camera, combined with two Sony joint development sensor imx766. The combination of shots in oppo history. In fact, for friends who like to take photos with their mobile phones, oppo mobile phones have always been their choice.

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This time, they have written the parameter specifications clearly. If the previous oppo can't write them, you can't find almost all the parameters that are unfavorable to them. Even if you ask the customer service, they don't know (or they don't want to say). I always think that these things should be written on them by the state, because if you don't write them, it's easy for consumers to be misled into buying the "right" product. Another difference is Bluetooth specifications. Although they are all version 5.2, the coding formats they support are different, although the impact is not big. X3pro supports IP68. Although it seems to be a good specification, all mobile phone manufacturers don't guarantee it. If something goes wrong, they have to ask for their own blessing. So whether they support it or not just tells you not to worry about it, otherwise they will spend money to repair it. No, the three dimensions of the two machines are the same, the weight is the same, and even the camera scheme is the same. I feel that oppo has made some differences.

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It has been announced in a press release announcing the upcoming call. The statement also revealed that an oppo flagship will be powered by Qualcomm's high-end chipset (SNAP dragon 888). Unfortunately, it seems that 888 may be reserved for pro models, which is a recent leak on twitter @ imailisa0825. Playful droid shows the ordinary findx3 (or findx3neo) packaging of the snapdragon 870 of Qualcomm. The new product launch of ppofindx3 series will be launched around the world on March 11-30, when oppofindx3 / findx3pro will officially meet with you. It is reported that oppofindx3 series will have a space sense of future streamline design, and a billion colors of blessing. What surprises will such an ideal work carrying oppo's ten-year technology accumulation bring? At that time, Zhongguancun Online will bring you the whole journey.