Mini 30W small steel gun, aohi Gan charger evaluation

"5W size 20W performance" is a small part of the description of most 20W chargers on the market at present, because many 20W chargers adopt gallium nitride technology, which can enable small chargers to support high-power charging.

However, many charger manufacturers do not want to limit the small volume and large power charger to 20W. Recently, the small coder received a gallium nitride charger from aohi, which is equivalent to Apple 5W in volume, but supports 30W output power.

Aohi is a self-supporting brand of aohi technology. Ohai technology is a core manufacturer of many domestic mobile phone manufacturers, such as Huawei, millet, oppo, vivo and other original attached chargers. Let's see how aohi's Gan charger performs.

1、 Introduction of aohi 30W Gan charger

1. Product packaging box

The appearance of the charger can be seen from the front of the packing box. The top left corner is aohi's brand logo, and the following is the name of charger: magube 30W PD Mini fast charger.

Open the packing box directly, the charger is wrapped by thick inner liner, and the charger shell is also equipped with scratch proof film, in addition to some paper accessories.

2. Aohi 30W Gan charger

The whole charger is round and smooth in appearance. The black shell is printed with white aohi brand logo, and the brand image is prominent.

Charger adopts single usb-c physical output interface design, interface panel shell design just like smooth shell around the opposite, good hand. At the same time, it is also the most recognizable place in the whole charger appearance. Whoever says the charger can not be personalized, this "front face" looks very personal.

Usb-c physical interface is internally yellow rubber core, which means to support fast charging. The interface is equipped with metal rings, so that even the plug-in interface will not loose for a long time.

The interface panel is equipped with long strip fast charging indicator light, which is convenient for users to judge whether the socket is powered or not and the charger is located at night. At the same time, the mark of magube 30W is also provided at the bottom of the interface.

The charger has a very good volume because the charger pins are not foldable, which further drains the space inside the charger. The specific parameters of the charger are printed on the housing.

Usb-c power adapter

Model: aoc-c001

Input: 100-240V 50/60hz 0.5A

Output: 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 9v2.77a, 15v2a, 20v1.5a 3.3-11v3a 30W Max

Shenzhen odea Power Technology Co., Ltd

made in China

3. The width of charger measured by caliper is about 28.04mm.

The thickness is about 28.05mm. The length of the pin is not calculated to be about 32.26mm.

The three-dimensional parameters of charger are 28.04x28.05x32.26mm, and the volume of charger can be obtained to be about 25.37cm ³, The power density is about 1.18w/cm calculated by the maximum output of 30W ³ 。 The power density reached 1.18 and successfully broke 1.

Compare with apple 30W charger... Visual gap is obvious.

The overall size is almost the same as apple 5W charger.

From left to right, apple 5W charger, aohi30w Gan charger and apple 30W charger are placed together to feel it directly.

The charger weighs only 40.2g.

It's very small and light on your hands.

2、 Fast charging protocol read

1. Fast charging protocol

The fast charging protocol of charger is read by power-z kt002. The measured results support PD, PPS, apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, qc4+, AFC, FCP and SCP fast charging protocol.

2. PDO message

Read the PDO message of charger, and support five fixed PD output gears, namely 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 9v2.77a, 15v2a and 20v1.5a, and also support a set of PPS gears of 3.3-11v3a, and lack of 12V output gear.

3、 Output compatibility test

1. Charging compatibility test

Charge iPhone 12 Mini with a charger with power of 8.99v 2.12a 19.13w, which is in PD fast charging state. The charger is used to charge Nubia red Magic 5 with power of 9.61v 2.82a 27.16w, which is in the fast charging state of PPS.

Aohi's charger also provides Samsung S20 ultra with 25w+ fast charging power. Draw the whole charging process into a curve. From the data of the curve, it can be seen that the charger can charge 35% of the power for iPad air in 4 and a half hours, 66% in one hour, and 2 hours and 15 minutes for full charge. It is important to note that this test is to charge the iPad air 4 tablet.

4、 Other performance tests

1. The charger is tested for stability at full load of 20V 1.5A 30W for one hour. The test time is one hour. During the test, the voltage value is in a horizontal straight line without obvious fluctuation. The long-term full load can also be output stably.

2. Standby power consumption

After the power meter test, the no-load power consumption of aohi 30W Gan charger is 0.036w at 220V 50Hz. The energy consumption of the reduced one year is about 0.31kw · h. If the market price electricity is 0.6 yuan / kW · h, the no-load power consumption of the charger in one year is about 0.18 yuan.

The no-load power consumption at 110V 60Hz is 0.033w. The energy consumption of one year is about 0.28kw · h, if the market price is 0.6 yuan / kW · h, the no-load power consumption of the charger in one year is about 0.16 yuan.

3. Conversion efficiency

At 220V 50Hz, the output power of aohi30w Gan charger at each voltage range is fully tested: the input power of AC end and USB end output power of the patch panel are measured in five gears. Through calculation, the conversion efficiency of the charger varies from 86.92% to 90.55%.

The conversion efficiency of the charger varies from 86.42% to 89.71% at 110V 60Hz.

4. Ripple test

Under no load condition, the peak value of ripple peak value of four gears output varies from 25.6mvp-p to 60.8mvp-p.

Under heavy load, the peak value of ripple wave peak in six gear output ranges from 77.6mvp-p to 136.0mvp-p.

The charger has been tested with no load and heavy load ripple under the condition of 110V 60Hz AC input. The test results are as follows:

5. Temperature rise test

Thanks to the successful mass production and commercial production of Gan power devices, the miniaturization of high-power chargers can be realized, so that consumers can enjoy this new era of technology. Many readers are very concerned about the heat generated by Gan chargers. Therefore, we have joined the temperature rise test, but we should understand some knowledge of temperature rise test first.

The heat of charger is related to power density, efficiency value, internal scheme design, environmental temperature, etc. for products with low power density, there is enough space for separation of components layout due to large volume, and the surface temperature will be lower, but the volume is often very large. For products with high power density, vertical plug-in elements stacking are often used in the interior, so that the charger can be small and convenient for users to carry. Theoretically, the temperature of products with low power density will be hotter than that of products with low power density.

In addition, the single charger and multi port charger are different in circuit design, and the single port charger belongs to the direct output mode of AC to DC, and the multi port charger is AC to DC. The heat generated by secondary voltage drop is higher than that of single charger.

As a reference, the full load temperature of low power Gan charger is generally 60-70 degrees in full load test, while that of single port Gan charger with high power density is about 70 degrees, and that of high power density multi port Gan charger will generally exceed 70 degrees.

The temperature rise of charger is tested under the condition that the temperature rise of 20V 1.5A 30W is continuously output for one hour in the constant temperature box with temperature of about 25 ℃.
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Charging head network Summary

The appearance and successful commercial use of gallium nitride technology subverted the previous people's cognition of power and volume of chargers, and made people realize that the volume of the original high-power charger can be so small. The popularity of Gan charger facilitates the life of users. The high-power charger no longer dominates the socket. The power rises to be able to charge the pen and electricity, but the volume is very small. It is easy to take it when you go out of the house and go with it. You can no longer face the fear of being dominated by the board brick charger.

To put it back to the point, aohi's 30W Gan charger also uses Gan components, which can also output 20V voltage and 30W fast charging power when the charger is so small. The overall design of aohi 30W Gan charger is small and round with round corner transition. Different design styles are adopted for interface panel. The charger is designed with single usb-c physical output interface. The inner ring of usb-c interface is equipped with metal ring to prevent the interface from loosening due to long-term plug and plug. The details are well handled. In addition, the pin is fixed and can not be folded.

The charger supports PD, PPS, apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, qc4+, AFC, FCP, SCP fast charging protocol, supports five fixed PD output gears, 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 9v2.77a, 15v2a and 20v1.5a, and also supports a set of PPS gears of 3.3-11v3a, and lacks 12V output gear. In the actual compatibility test, most devices can be provided with fast charging service, and the overall performance is good.


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It is very small and has a power density of 1.18w/cm ³, The output gear with the maximum 20V and the highest 30W fast charging power are supported. These characteristics make aohi 30W Gan charger call it a small steel gun.