MFI official certification, 18 months warranty, only replace not repair, said one I used the best data cable

For those Apple users who only buy official accessories, my heart is both envy and admiration. I envy that they can spend 150 yuan to buy a data cable, but I am obviously reluctant to give up.

I asked some users who buy official accessories. The reason why they spend a lot of money on official accessories is that they want to be at ease. However, later, after learning about MFI certification, I think it's unnecessary to buy official accessories.

Apple's official MFI certification refers to those charging devices that use Apple's original c94 terminals and are compatible with Apple's devices. It is Apple's license for authorized users, which is the abbreviation of "made for IOS". With this certified product, the IOS system can still be used normally after upgrading, and there will be no compatibility problems.

Those third-party products without certification and low price, after the system upgrade, are likely to have such a compatibility problem, unable to charge normally.

As an authorized manufacturer of apple, Zimi has many models of C to lightning data cable, and the price is much better than apple official. The latest liquid silicone data cable further improves the texture, which can be said to be the best experience of the data cables I have used.

Black red color, cool looking.

iPhone 12 charger

It is not like the PTE material of Apple original data cable, easy to wrap, also easy to burst skin, easy to damage, or the third-party woven wire material is not like the hand feeling is astringent, but it adopts relatively rare elastic soft silica gel material.

The advantage is that it can rebound easily and avoid winding.

Show this elasticity, really will not be as easy as the original "death entanglement.".

Don't look down on the elasticity, but it can withstand 30000 bending tests.

The pull of ordinary users like me can not really threaten it.

In addition, Zimi provides 18 months of super long warranty with great confidence. During the warranty period, it can only be replaced without repair, which can minimize the user's use risk.

There is also this belt, which can be attached with your heart, which is more convenient for daily storage.

The work of port C and lighting is still solid.

Apple Charger Cable

Even with the iPad air, the purple silicone data cable can still be firmly held and won't fall due to its own weight.

On the hand, users who believe that they have used liquid silica gel mobile phone shell have a preference for the warm and greasy hand feeling. This is because it has a "skin level" hand coating process that can directly contact the baby's skin level, which is extremely soft and comfortable.

IPad air3 is the IOS device I currently use. It is a simple test with a 33W Gan charger and a purple rice C to l silicone data cable. The test results show that the fast charging can be activated normally. Because both ends of the data cable, whether it is port C or port L, support positive and negative plug, charging can completely realize blind plug, even children or the elderly will not misoperate.

With the 200MW mobile power supply of purple rice, it is still close to the full charging rate.

Apple Charger Cable

The charging power can reach 25W at the highest, which is much higher than the original 10W charging rate. This is due to the charger's support for PD fast charging, while the data cable supports a high current of 3A.

At present, the price of the C to l silicone data cable is only about half of the price of Apple original data cable, but whether it is color, texture or leather level, it is obviously better. Less money to enjoy better quality, believe how to choose not to say more?