MagSafe mobile case, wireless charger, desktop bracket, car bracket

IPhone MagSafe case innovation changes life.

It's said that the iPhone 13 will be on sale soon. I can still remember when the iPhone 12 was on sale, there was no charger for environmental protection. The fruit powder around me was full of passion for life. Many friends said that I would not buy the iPhone 12 without a charger. As a result, I slapped my face one after another, and my friends bought the iPhone 12 one after another.

In addition to its smooth system, there is also a very important reason why so many people like the iPhone. It has been innovating all the time, so today I will not talk about the iPhone 12. Today I will talk about something new, MagSafe, a brand-new feature of the iPhone 12.


In fact, many of my friends are still the first to listen to MagSafe, including the Old Apple fans I've played with for so many years.

In fact, in the simplest words, MagSafe is charging as soon as you put it on and closing as soon as you put it on. There's no need to worry about it. If you don't put your mobile phone properly, you can't charge it. The exclusive "click" makes it easier for you to charge.

What is MagSafe

What problems can MagSafe solve when charging the iPhone 12? Why do we need to buy MagSafe accessories

Which models does MagSafe use?


MagSafe car bracket, MagSafe card bag and MagSafe bidirectional charger recommended


  1. What is MagSafe

MagSafe is a kind of magnetic absorption technology for wireless charging of Apple company. At present, it can be found on the Internet, such as car bracket, MagSafe card bag, MagSafe bidirectional charger, etc.

  1. What can MagSafe solve the charging problem of iPhone 12?

Now we have charging methods, wired charging, wireless charger,.

Wired charging is basically one hand holding a cable, the other hand holding a mobile phone, and then connecting the cable and the mobile phone. In this way, the charging speed is relatively fast, but there is a little charging cable. Basically, about half a year, you need to replace the data cable, and for the charging interface, it is easy to damage the interface by pulling and inserting it.

Wireless charging. Wireless charging may be the trend in the future, but for wireless charging, the charging power is still relatively low, which can't be compared with wired charging. However, wireless charging makes charging cumbersome and simple. MagSafe, on the basis of wireless charging, upgrades again and uses magnetic absorption function to accurately fix the mobile phone, so as to make the charging process more smooth.

  1. Which models is MagSafe suitable for?

At present, MagSafe is only applicable to the iPhone 12 series. Other products do not support it. However, when it is used, the adsorption effect is not so good, and the charging efficiency may be greatly reduced.

  1. MagSafe vehicle bracket, MagSafe card package and MagSafe bidirectional charger are recommended

Mobile phone shell

Mobile phone case, we believe that everyone brings it for their own mobile phone (excluding friends who like bare metal). The mobile phone case + MagSafe is the following mobile phone case that supports wireless charging and magnetic absorption.


However, Apple's own MagSafe mobile phone case has only three colors. The transparent one on it is made of silica gel and leather case.


However, in addition to Apple's own MagSafe case, there are actually third parties supporting MagSafe case. For example:

For comparison, the effect is almost the same, because they are all certified by MFI, but the color and pattern of mobile phone case are different. The only difference is that Apple's own mobile phone case has a ring, while the third-party one is similar to the built-in form of patch.

wireless charger

Since mobile phone cases all support magnetic suction wireless fast charging, how can there be less? Wireless charger, wireless charger + magnetic suction mobile phone case, that's a cool one.

This wireless charger can support a maximum power of 15W fast charging.

Apple's own magnetic wireless charger:

Third party magnetic charger

In fact, there are a lot of third-party chargers now. I'm still saying, how much do you pay? If your financial conditions permit, I suggest that you can choose apple's own wireless magnetic charger. If your financial conditions are relatively tight and you want to pursue enough sex price ratio, you can choose the third-party magnetic wireless charger. The effect is similar.

MagSafe duo bidirectional charger

For iPhone friends, this wireless charger is actually very practical. Although it's expensive, there's a reason why it's expensive. This charger has obvious advantages, especially when it's on business

It doesn't take up land

Two charging devices are available

However, it's a little expensive

Desktop bracket

In fact, when MagSafe was released, many friends have found a particularly useful desktop bracket, which is especially suitable for magnetic discharge and suction wireless charger

Above are two magnetic desktop brackets with different prices, which are especially suitable for friends of iPhone 12.

Vehicle mount

Or the travel of MagSafe may change some ways of car charging. In the past, charging on the car was either adsorption or hanging. Now with this MagSafe car bracket, once the bracket is put on, you can basically stay where you are, and you can also navigate while charging. Kill two birds with one stone.

MagSafe card bag