Lightning 3 data cable can also be very close to the people, coaxial technology lightning 3 braided data cable evaluation

With the continuous upgrading and development of electronic equipment, the charging interface is also advancing with the times. Now, usb-c interface has a unified trend, whether it is mobile phones or tablets or laptops, more and more electronic devices are equipped with usb-c interface. However, usb-c wire is very different in power transmission and data transmission. At present, the top performance is lightning 3, with 100W charging power and 40Gbps data transmission speed. But the high price makes it not everyone will choose.




Let's first introduce what lightning 3 is: full frame, Rog and red in wire rod; it is the strongest existing usb-c standard, compatible with usb3 / 2, supporting 5K video output, 40 (20) Gbps transmission rate, 20V / 5A 100W charging power.

1 Coaxial line

In order to let more users enjoy the highest performance of usb-c wire, coaxial technology has launched a series of lightning 3 wire, and the price is very close to the people, so the next small editor will introduce this lightning 3 wire.

The reason why the wire of thunder 3 is expensive is that it adopts coaxial processing technology in the processing of wire material. What is coaxial line? As shown in the picture, coaxial line is to wrap Teflon with double-layer shielding and polymer material on the wire. Compared with traditional stranded wire processing technology, it can reduce interference and output high-frequency differential signal At the same time, it keeps stable in processing. This ensures the stable output of video, audio or data transmission experience, making it possible to increase the function and speed of wire rod.

The e-marker chip is built in the wire terminal, which makes the wire can support 20V 5a100w high-power charging, and make the power transmission more stable, fast charging does not damage the device.



2 Wire appearance

  1. Lightning 3 wire

Coaxial technology has launched a variety of length specifications of lightning 3 wire, including four specifications of 0.5m, 0.7m, 1m and 2m. Today we will introduce the 0.7m lightning 3 youth dual usb-c data cable. The whole wire body is braided, and it is strapped with a strap, which can prevent the wire from scattering, and it is also convenient for users to store and arrange. The logo with Hengqin intelligence can also be seen on the strap

  1. Thread body

Close up of the data cable body, the whole wire body is wrapped with woven material, which is more wear-resistant and dirt resistant than the traditional TPE material, and has better quality and is not easy to break. The braided body is clean and tidy without burr.

  1. Lightning sign

Close up of the terminal head of wire rod, the terminal head is wrapped with a metal shell, which improves the quality of wire rod again, so that users can use it more easily. On the top of the paragraph head is the mark of lightning and number 3, which proves that it is a wire of lightning 3.

  1. Usb-c connector internal

Use a macro lens to look inside the usb-c connector. There are 12 pin pins on the top and 12 pin pins on the bottom, a total of 24 pin pins, meeting the quantity standard of lightning 3 wire.

  1. Wire length

The end-to-end length of the wire is about 75 cm.

  1. Wire diamete

The diameter of the wire is about 4.92mm.

  1. E-marker detection

The power-z km001c is used to read the internal information of the wire. The measured charging power is 20V, 5A and 100W. The data transmission standard is 40Gbps. The data transmission standard is USB 3.2 gen3, which confirms the performance standard of the wire again.

3 Charging test

  1. Charging your phone

The power transmission of the wire is tested. The wire is used with a PD charger with PPS to charge the Xiaomi 10 pro. The power is 9.17v 5.00a 45.87w.

This lightning 3 braided wire with coaxial technology and PD charger with PPS charge the black shark 3 Pro with a power of 8.75v, 4.99a and 43.75w.

  1. Charging mobile power

Using wire and pd100w charger to charge zhengtuo mobile power supply supporting 100W input, the power is 20.21v 5.04a 102w, successfully shaking hands with 20V voltage gear, starting PD fast charging mode, and reaching the maximum stage of fast charging power.


Summary of charging head network

Compared with the traditional TPE material, the braided data cable is more wear-resistant and dirt resistant, and is not easy to break, with better quality and longer service life. And it can be seen from the actual pictures that the whole wire body is of good workmanship, without obvious burr phenomenon, and it is very clean. On the terminal head, there are signs of lightning and number 3 symbolizing lightning 3. There are 24 pin pins in the usb-c connector, which meets the quantity standard of lightning 3.

In terms of performance, thanks to the e-marker chip with built-in lightning, the wire supports 20V 5A power transmission, that is, up to 100W power transmission. In the actual charging test for mobile power supply supporting 100W input, it can reach full load charging power. In terms of video transmission, the wire perfectly supports 4K 60Hz video expansion, and in terms of data transmission, the wire supports 40Gbps transmission speed. In the actual test, the writing speed can reach 1902.3mb/s, and the reading speed can reach 2678mb / s, which meets the data transmission standard of lightning 3.

In the double usb-c wire, the highest performance is thunder 3, and the price is also high. In order to enable more users to enjoy the performance of lightning 3 wire, coaxial technology has launched a more affordable lightning 3 data cable. If you have already added the lightning 3 data cable to the shopping cart, but you still haven't placed an order because of the price, I believe the coaxial technology's lightning 3 data cable will satisfy you.